Generate Passive Income and Grow Your Business with Kartra Affiliate Commissions and Kartra’s All-In-One Marketing Platform

Do you want to generate passive income and grow your business with Kartra affiliate commissions?

It’s no secret that the “ClickFunnels bubble” has burst – making many, many millionaires in the process and helping countless businesses grow beyond what they thought was possible with traditional marketing.

Yup, there are quite a few marketers and business owners out there kicking themselves for missing that train.

If you missed out on the opportunity to grow your business and generate massive passive income with ClickFunnels, have no fear, for another opportunity is near! The ClickFunnels alternative has arrived, and it is Kartra.

That’s right. You heard it here first (probably not) – Kartra is the up-and-comer to the all-in-one marketing platform game. And from personal experience I can say with the utmost confidence that it is far, far superior to ClickFunnels in just about every way.

What does this mean for you?

The opportunity to generate passive income and grow your business with Kartra Affiliate Commissions is MASSIVE!

So let’s dig into what the Kartra affiliate commission looks like, and how you can use Kartra as an online marketing platform to grow both your business and create a passive income using online affiliate commissions.

First, let’s cover why Kartra is the best all-in-one marketing platform in the first place.

Why Kartra

I strongly believe that Kartra is the most effective all-in-one marketing platform out there. In fact, I recommend it on my Resources Page for almost half of the functionality!

There’s basically three reason’s why I believe Kartra is so amazing as an all-in-one marketing platform:

  • Premium Functionality: Kartra has the best functionality at a reasonable price
  • Ease of Use: Kartra is easy to use
  • Support: Kartra has great support
This is Kartra's Dashboard. It's the portal through which you will generate passive income and grow your business with Kartra affiliate commissions.
Kartra Dashboard

Kartra’s Best-In-Class Functionality

Kartra is by far the best marketing platform out there in terms of functionality (even better than ClickFunnels, suprisingly). And with a price-tag of $89 for pretty much everything you’ll need, it really can’t be beat in terms of affordability.

Here’s just a snapshot of some of the things you can do with a Kartra account:

  • Sell digital and physical products online (great for e-commerce)
  • Do e-mail marketing and create Behavioral Adaptive Marketing campaigns
  • Have people sign up directly into your calendar for a call or session
  • Develop full websites, complete with a blog and helpdesk
  • Setup help-desks that connect to Skype, your phone, your email, and a built in messaging platform
  • Build lead-forms and lists to hyper target your marketing
  • Create lead-pages
  • Integrate a help-desk into your pages and websites
  • Build a complete marketing campaign and sell that campaign to others through their marketplace
  • Start an affiliate program(!)
  • As a marketing agency, you can start an agency subscription and create your clients sites within your own account
  • DEEP analytics for everything under the sun
  • Create a Membership site where you can house all of your online courses
  • Host videos for webinars and on-site video
  • Integrate with just about every platform out there

And the list goes on…

One more thing I should mention is that Kartra’s email deliverability is superb. In fact, a marketing friend of mine mentioned that it is the best in the industry. Though “best in the industry” may be a stretch, it does indeed have superior deliverability for email marketing.

If your business needs a specific functionality to accomplish it’s goals, believe me when I say that Kartra offers it in spades.

Kartra Is Easy To Use

It frustrates me to no end when I start to use a new software platform and am immediately digging through help articles to figure out how to use the dang thing.

That is not the case with Kartra.

Kartra is very intuitive to use. And the tutorial system is excellent. All of the primary functionality is laid out on the left-hand panel, and the secondary functionality is laid out on the top.

Once I bought into Kartra, it only took me about an hour or two to get the hang of it. Granted, I’ve had previous experience with marketing platforms. Still, Kartra takes the cake for ease of use.

Kartra Has Phenomenal Support

This one is particular dear to me, as I’ve had some struggles with platforms before and was livid when their customer support team gave me bad advice or took what seemed like years to get back to me.

For many, this is not a huge deal. For me, it almost seals the deal.

Kartra’s support team is great. Period. If you have a problem, you can just reach out to them and within a day it’ll be fixed.

On top of that, their Facebook Group is incredibly helpful when it comes to strategy.

Become a Kartra affiliate to generate passive income and grow your business with Kartra affiliate commissions
Kartra’s Website – Your Online Business Made Easy

Where Kartra Misses the Mark

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Kartra does have some issues. No online marketing platform is perfect.

For one, if you’re comparing Kartra with it’s alternative, ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels DOES have a better community and affiliate support. To me though that’s not saying much, as it is neigh impossible to beat ClickFunnels on their own marketing efforts. They nailed that like nobody’s business.

For businesses that boast MAJOR email marketing, video and domain support, it can get pricey. Where Kartra’s price definitely helps the small to mid sized business, the big guys pay a premium for the service. As your email list gets particularly massive and you begin to connect many domains and host hundreds of videos, you’re going to be paying quite a bit for the service.

Kartra Affiliate Commissions

So now that you understand why people should be using and switching to Kartra, let’s cover Kartra’s affiliate commissions and the Kartra affiliate program.

As I mentioned previously, Kartra starts out at $89 for everything. Yup, the whole kit-n-kaboodle is just $89.

And as an affiliate, you get 40% of any sign-up that uses your Kartra affiliate link.

Kartra Affiliate Commission

So, beep-boop, quick calculation – that’s $35 per month on the basic subscription.

If they upgrade their account after using your Kartra affiliate link, your commission goes up as well.

For instance – if you were to get an enterprise to sign up with your affiliate link, you would be getting 40% of $1,999 per month. Or $799.

Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

The Kartra EPIC plans - generate passive income and grow your business with Kartra affiliate commissions

The Kartra Marketplace

One other incredible benefit of Kartra and the Kartra affiliate program that’s not often talked about is their Marketplace.

Kartra offers you the ability to sell your product to other Kartra users on what they call their Marketplace.

Not only that, you can sign up to become an affiliate of their products!

Let that sink in for a second.

As a member of Kartra, you can not only create your own affiliate program and easily offer it to others to promote, you can also seamlessly promote others products as well!

Kartra is the only marketing platform I know of that offers this type of functionality.

One way to generate passive income and grow your business with Kartra affiliate commissions is by creating an affiliate offer of your own!
The Kartra Affiliate Marketplace

The Kartra Agency

For those who run a full-blown digital agency, Kartra offers a very unique functionality that allows your account to function as a sort of hub for all of your clients accounts.

If you upgrade to a Kartra Agency account you can see all of your clients accounts through one centralized dashboard, register clients accounts as a contractor, generate reports for your clients, and let them co-manage accounts with you.

As an agency owner myself (, this is game changing.

Run an agency? Become a Kartra affiliate to generate passive income and grow your business with Kartra affiliate commissions.

Generating Passive Income with Kartra Affiliate Commissions

So now we’ve covered just about everything that needs to be covered – let’s get down to business.

How do you generate passive income with Kartra Affiliate Commissions and the Kartra affiliate program?

The answer is fairly simple.

First, you have to believe in the product yourself – so join the Kartra affiliate program and sign up for the Kartra trial to give it a go around the block.

Try Kartra Before Signing Up For Kartra Affiliate Commissions

To clarify, I would strongly, strongly suggest you try Kartra before you begin marketing it as a Kartra affiliate. I truly believe that in order to be an effective marketer, you need to believe in the thing that you’ll be marketing.

For example, before I became the badass ninja digital marketer I am today, I tried doing affiliate products and generating non Kartra affiliate commissions through Amazon and Clickbank. That is to say, I would grab affiliate links to products I did not believe them and would pepper them across the internet in hopes that someone would click and buy.

Guess what happened?

Absolutely nothing.

Yup, that’s right. I didn’t get a single sale.

To clarify, traffic was not the issue. I had learned how to grow Facebook Groups quite effectively, and had a group of over 10,000 active members.

The problem was, I would grab affiliate links for products I had no interest or relation to. Consequently, I would market them poorly and instill zero interest from my members.

So, once you’re thoroughly convinced of Kartra’s superior functionality and down right Southern charm of their Facebook Group (ok I’m elaborating there), then it’s just a matter of becoming a Kartra affiliate.

Become a Kartra Affiliate

Becoming a Kartra Affiliate and creating your own Kartra affiliate link is easy as pie – you don’t necessarily need to have a Kartra account, but it’s good to believe in the thing you’re promoting.

Whether or not you have an account, all you’ll need to do is sign up as an affiliate here.

The best way to generate passive income and grow your business is with Kartra affiliate commissions.

Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate, the Kartra affiliate setup is as easy as copying your affiliate link and adding it to your outbound marketing content.

Talk about easy!

An Update: My Experience With Kartra And Kartra Affiliate Commissions

It’s been over 6 months since I wrote this post originally, so I’ve decided to add an update on the Kartra Affiliate Commissions structure.

For one, I still absolutely love Kartra. I have all of my business websites on the platform, including:

  1. Get Clients Quick
  2. Great Northwest Home Buyers
  3. Sell My Mobile Home Park
  4. The Real Estate Investing Club

Consequently, I know Kartra like the back of my hand. So I can wholeheartedly support the product as an affiliate. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Kartra is my favorite tool out of the 20+ tools I use for marketing.

That’s all to say, if you’re thinking about becoming a Kartra Affiliate, I would urgently suggest you hop on the band wagon before the market has become saturated.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re new to marketing, the first question you’ve had I’m sure is “why should I do affiliate marketing in the first place?”

First, I would never, ever suggest someone do affiliate marketing as their sole source of income. Above all, affiliate marketing is a supplemental source of income. I do not consider affiliate marketing itself a viable business model.

With that said, once you have a separate business up and running it is a GREAT way to generate passive income. That is to say, it is a truly passive way to generate income!

For example, I have two separate businesses that I run; one in digital marketing and the other in real estate investing. All of these businesses are synergistic to one another.

For instance, my bread-and-butter business is real estate investing at Great Northwest Home Buyers. That is my main source of income and the place I focus most of my energy.

However, a lot of my time spent in investing is also spent in digital marketing. Therefore, I started a digital marketing company called Get Clients Quick in order to service other investors with their marketing needs.

On top of that, I created a podcast and YouTube show called The Real Estate Investing Club.

So where does affiliate marketing come in? With all of my digital activities, I generate a LOT of traffic. Consequently, I sprinkle in affiliate links for products I truly enjoy. Including Kartra.

To sum up, if you’re thinking about affiliate marketing, more power to you! However, do not consider it as a business model. Build out a separate business, then sign up for a Kartra affiliate account and start raking in those extremely passive Kartra affiliate commission dollars!

Questions? Reach Out To Us

As you can tell, I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE (huge) fan of Kartra’s. It’s intuitive, simple, and fun to use. And it makes everyone’s life a little bit easier.

So, I would be honored to help those of you getting started with Kartra.

The first step is to join our Kartra Facebook Group.

In that group you’ll find all the resources you need to maximize your business growth and personal profits using Kartra.

The next step is to reach out to us at Get Clients Quick with any questions you may have regarding using Kartra to grow your online or offline business.

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