Why Hire a Virtual Assistant? And How Do I Hire A Virtual Assistant?

If you’re a business owner, chances are at some point you’ve had the thought “I need to hire a virtual assistant.”

The fact remains, many business people these days are dubious about hiring someone they do not interact with on a daily basis, face-to-face.

And that’s understandable. But I’m going to be straight with you – you should get over it.

Hiring a virtual assistant is pretty much scientifically the absolute best way to reduce the busy work and mundane, process-oriented tasks of your business. Yeah, it’s science at this point.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

So the question remains – why should you hire a virtual assistant?

In my mind, there are basically two reasons you should be looking to hire a virtual assistant.

  1. You are just starting out
  2. You have a lot of task-heavy processes in your business (aka non-skill heavy)

You Are Just Starting Out

Why should you hire a virtual assistant? Because when you’re just starting out, there are far, far more tasks than need to be completed than you can possibly complete in a given lifetime.

You need help.

Even though you think you can do it all with pure grit and determination, chances are you’re not superman. And if you are, why the hell are you trying to start a business anyways? Go damsels in distress or something.

For the mortals among us who have only 24 hours in a day, you’ll need help getting all of the tasks done. And there are a lot.

So, why hire a virtual assistant? Hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to offload many of the tasks associated with setting up and growing your business.

Here are a few tasks to consider offloading:

  1. Online Research – Any question you need answered that takes more than a single Google search to solve can be offloaded to your virtual assistant
  2. Data Entry – Need to enter client information into your CRM? Need to transfer your paper documents to digital? Yeah, definitely offload those
  3. Customer Support – Responding to basic customer and client inquiries can take tiiiiiime. Like a LOT of time. Like if the amount of time it took was a mountain, it would be like Olympus Mons
  4. Tech Work – Granted, this falls more into the “freelancer” category than the “virtual assistant” category, but hiring someone to complete any tech-work you may have is a great way to utilize virtual assistant help.
  5. Misc. Everything – Need to schedule a dentist appointment? Virtual assistant. Need to figure out when your kids practice is suppose to be? Virtual assistant. Need to figure out why the tides go in and out… that’d actually be a good Alexa question but you can punt that to your virtual assistant as well if you’d like.

That’s why you should hire a virtual assistant. Because they will save your life as a business owner.

You Have A Lot of Task Heavy Processes In Your Business

The other reason as to why you should hire a virtual assistant is because you have a lot of task-heavy processes in your business that are not also skill-heavy.

What does this mean?

Think: document work.

Anytime you have a process that is document heavy, punt that over to your virtual assistant. It is clogging up your business time.

Virtual assistants can take over many of your processes, especially if you’ve done your homework on your software.

Here are some of the virtual assistant friendly (and best-in-class) software platforms for the various business processes you’ll encounter:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Pipedrive
  2. All-In-One Marketing Platform – Kartra
  3. Automated Social Media Marketing Platform – SocialPilot

How Do I Hire a Virtual Assistant

The next question you’ll ask yourself is “how do I hire a virtual assistant?”

That question is a little easier to answer.

The easiest way to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines or elsewhere is to reach out through Fiverr.

Why hire a virtual assistant? Because it's easy! Check out Fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the best platforms to hire virtual assistants in India, the Philippines, or anywhere around the globe.

The prices are cheap and you’ll be able to find every skill that you could possibly need.

Not only that – it’s really intuitive to use. You’ll be able to message your freelancer directly through the Fiverr interface, and finding a freelancer that performs the exact task you’re searching for is a breeze. Just a search away.

How I Use Virtual Assistants For My Businesses

Need some inspiration?

I have your back.

Here are a few “case studies”, if you will, of ways to use virtual assistants in your own business.

My current virtual assistant is most heavily involved in updates to my websites at Get Clients Quick, The Local Business Breakthrough, Great Northwest Home Buyers and this blog.

When I have something that needs to be changed in my email sequence, I reach out to my VA.

When I want to make edits to my pages and sites, I reach out to my VA.

Anything that has to do with updating or otherwise editing my online presence, my VA will help.

How Not To Use Your Virtual Assistant

So all of this begs the question – where should you NOT use a virtual assistant?

The main areas you should not use your virtual assistant are pretty obvious:

  1. Strategic Work – Hiring a virtual assistant to assist you in any strategic work is NOT advised, as they are not versed in business strategy
  2. Creative Marketing and Branding – Your virtual assistant is there to take the burden of process oriented work from your shoulders. They are NOT there to help you with your marketing and branding work. That is a highly skilled area that requires the shoes of you, your team, or a marketing company to fill
  3. Anything To Do With A Relationship – This one is so painfully obvious I almost don’t want to write it, but it should be said. A virtual assistant is not a manager. You should not hire a virtual assistant to take part in any part of your business management, relationship development or sales team.

Questions? Reach Out To Us

Have questions about hiring a virtual assistant for your own business? Reach out to us at www.getclientsquick.com.

Also, check out our resources page for tips on which tools you should be using to get your virtual assistants up and running.

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