The Easiest Business Growth Trick In The Book: How To Increase Your Google Search Ranking And Grow Your Business For $10

For all of you business folk who are NOT focused entirely on marketing and the different tactics involved in doing it well, this one is for you.

There’s a dirty little trick that I’d like to share with you.

Not dirty as in “evil” but as in “so-damn-easy-I-can’t-believe-everyone’s-not-doing-it”.

This trick is about increasing your business website’s rank on Google and Google My Business.

And it’ll only set you back the cost of a burrito.

Google Search Engine Optimization for local business - get my business website and Google My Business ranked on Google Search and Google Maps
Google Search Engine Optimization and Ranking My Business on Google Search and Google Maps

Why You Should Rank Your Website And Business On Google And Google Maps

As many of you know, ranking your business for related keywords on Google Search and Google Maps can have a HUGE impact on your business.

So big there’s an entire industry surrounding that very activity. They even gave it an important sounding name – Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Performing effective SEO on your website will take your business from “where the hell is everyone?!” to “where the hell did all these people come from?!”

So it’s pretty damn important and valuable for your business to do some SEO and get ranked as high as humanly (computer-ly?) possible on the Google machine.

Your probably asking yourself, “Ok, so what is search engine optimization, really? How do I increase my SEO ranking? How do I do SEO for my business? How to do SEO yourself!?! How to rank higher on Google Maps!! HOW….GAHH….HOW….”

Wow there, calm yourself. We’ll get to it.

Before I dig into the actual SEO ranking trick, let me explain a bit how the Google Search ranking algorithm works (…or at least how we think it works. Damn you Google for your secrets!).

To grow your business and get more customers online you need to rank your website and Google My Business on Google Search and Google Maps - the process called Search Engine Optimization.
Google Maps Fail: She Obviously Doesn’t Know Where She Lives. We See The Land Behind You Lady.

How Google Search Ranking Works

Google Search and Google Maps really care about only two things in life.

  1. Relevancy
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Proximity (Google Maps)

That’s it! Those are the entire values of Google. If Google Search and Google Maps were to create a religious cult, their holy law would consist of just two rules and a single amendment. Be relevant. Be trustworthy. And be close to me. Everyone else burns in hell!

This means that when someone searches a given search term, Google will go out there in the interwebs and look for the website / business that is most relevant to the keywords used in the search term, is most “trustworthy” as a site, and in Google Maps, is closest to the person searching.

So the question becomes, how do I increase my relevancy and trustworthiness?

How To Increase Your Relevancy And Trustworthiness

That title sounds like the start of a cheesy self-help article. It’s not though. I swear.

Let’s start with Relevancy.

To increase your relevancy, Google needs to see that your business is relevant to whatever is being searched. One of the ways it does this is by analyzing the actual words you use on your website.

Yeah, it’s basically playing a “match the words!” game with your financial future. Google, you asshole.

So one way to increase your relevancy is to actually add words to your website that are related to what people search when looking for a company or service such as yours online.

Phew! Easy as pie, right?

Search Engine Optimization is like a puzzle - fit your keywords to your customers search term
If The Puzzle Piece Fits… It’s Trustworthy For Google Search and Google My Business Ranking!

There are other ways to increase relevancy, but we’ll save that for a later day. On to trustworthiness.

Increasing trustworthiness is a bit of a harder egg to crack.

To decide whether or not Google trusts a site, it basically looks around to other websites who are connected with your website to determine whether or not you are trustworthy.

It’s the digital equivalent of you going and asking for references when hiring a new employee. If they don’t have any references, or one of the references they give you is an old cell-mate still in prison, you’re probably not going to be cool with that hire.

So how do you increase trustworthiness? How do you get “digital references” for your business?

Through something called a backlink – which is a fancy way to say “someone posted your businesses URL on their website.”

How do you get backlinks? Wha ha ha… wouldn’t you like to know!

Ok, I’ll tell you.

The dirty little secret to search engine optimization and ranking my business on google search and google maps
If You Ever See This In Your Office. Run… To Google My Business And Google Search Ranking!

The Dirty Little Google Search Ranking Trick

We are now ready to discuss the dirty little Google Search and Google Maps Search Ranking Trick (TM).

Finally, right?!

So here’s the deal. There are many ways to get backlinks (called citation building).

The arduously slow way is to ping a gazillion website owners and ask if you can post an article or something on their website so you can insert your hyperlink and ultimately dominate the world with backlinks galore.

The non-arduously, fast way is to hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you for $10.

Whoops! I just let the trick slip.

Yup, that’s it. Hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you for $10.

All you need to do is go onto Fiverr here and search “website citations”. An army of generous individuals ready to do your bidding will pop up. Most charge anywhere between $5 and $15.

Granted, these will not be the most high-quality backlinks. However, if you are in a non-competitive niche in your area, you should do just fine.

If you’re in a more competitive area, you’ll need to try a bit harder with something called an Inbound Press Release.

Boss Level SEO: Inbound Press Releases

If you’re in a competitive industry and live in a densely populated area, the $10 trick will most likely not have the desired result.

You’ll need to step up your game.

Inbound Press Releases are the most effective way to do just that.

Inbound Press Releases in its simplest for is basically just you writing an aritcle about your business and distributing it to news sites (read: trustworthy sites) to post as a press release.

These news sites can be your local KLMO 101.5 website, or MSNBC. And the press release does not need to be mind-blowing. Have you moved offices? Great, write about it.

That’s really all it is. The difficult part is that you must be sure to use keywords throughout your entire article, and you must distribute it to at least 100 news sites.

If this is the route you’d like to take and you need help, there are companies out there that offer Inbound Press Releases as a service (including ours at Get Clients Quick – click here if you’d like help).

Inbound Press Releases Work To Get My Business To Show Up On Google Search And Google Maps

The End

So that’s it! For $10, you can increase your search engine rankings on Google search and Google My Business.

Your search engine optimization will begin to work, your Google rankings will improve, and customers will start taking notice.

As always, if you have questions or would like help, reach out to us at Get Clients Quick. We’re happy to help!

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