The Best Online Marketing Software, Tools & Resources Recommended By Yours Truly

Using the best online marketing tools, software and resources is crucial.

I can hear them saying it now, “You are only as good as the tools that you use. There’s a tool for every job. You wouldn’t dig a ditch with a fork!”

As you know, there are a lot of trite phrases admonishing you to choose good tools. And you know why that is? Because it really does help to use good tools! I’d like to say it’s especially true in growing your business using online marketing.

Use the best online marketing tools to grow your business

One of the most frustrating things about online marketing is that there are way, way too many tools and software packages out there. Like far too many.

The Tools

With that in mind, I composed a list of tools and resources below. These tools are thoroughly vetted and have been given the official Gabe Petersen stamp of approval.

I use all of these tools and would highly recommend you use these over their competitors, for various reasons:

  1. All-In-One Marketing Platform – Kartra
  2. Sales Funnel Platform – Kartra (not ClickFunnels!)
  3. Email Marketing Platform – Kartra
  4. Calendar Scheduling Software – Kartra
  5. Membership Software – Kartra
  6. HelpDesk Software – Kartra
  7. E-Commerce Platform – Shopify (Wow, not Kartra!)
  8. Cold Email Marketing Platform – Mailshake
  9. Cold B2B Lead Finder – D7 Lead Finder
  10. Hiring Freelancers – Fiverr
  11. CRM On The Cheap – Podio or PipeDrive
  12. Social Media Automation – SEM Rush (or SocialPilot if that’s ALL you’re doing)
  13. Website Analytics – SEM Rush
  14. Keyword Research & Analytics – SEM Rush

The Courses

While I haven’t gone out and tested all of the courses, there is one I would recommend over all others – and few we offer here.

  1. – a high-level course designed to help you launch your business online or offline
  2. The Local Business Breakthrough – a step-by-step course designed to help local businesses double their revenue in 12 months with digital marketing.
  3. Facebook Group Growth Course – a step-by-step course designed to help you grow a Facebook Group from scratch to 10,000+ members.

Because there are always new tools and courses coming out, I will continue to update this list of “Best Online Marketing Tools” as better and different tools come available on the marketplace. So bookmark this page and check back here when you’re ready to upgrade or expand your internet marketing arsenal.

Similarly, if you have any suggestions as to a tool I should include in this list, please comment below or email me at with your suggestion. I always love trying out new tools!

As always, I wish you happiness, fulfillment, success and growth. May these tools be contribute to all four in your life!

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