Kartra vs Ontraport – A Marketer’s Take

Writing a Kartra vs Ontraport review has been on the back of my mind for awhile now; as a professional marketer I have always wanted to make sure I’m using the best tools for the job. Even so, I put off writing about the two marketing behemoths for awhile. That is, until my friend called me a “Kartra zealot” yesterday.

That comment kind of put things in perspective for me. So here I am.

Before I begin my review of the two platforms, I feel the need to state that I came into this comparison a bit biased. That is to say, I have been a huge Kartra fan ever since making the switch from ClickFunnels. As such, I would encourage you to try both platforms yourself after reading my analysis.

First, let me give you a spoiler alert: after reviewing Ontraport and it’s host of features, I do end up suggesting you use Kartra. I loved Ontraport. However, Kartra’s feature set and ease of use do outstrip Ontraport from my perspective.

So without further ado, let’s get to our review!

Kartra vs Ontraport Features Overview

In my mind a marketing platform is pretty much defined by the features and functionality it boasts. Consequently, here are the features that most impressed me with each platform.

Kartra Overview

To save your time I will keep this section intentionally short as I’ve already discussed Kartra features in an earlier blog. However, if you’d like a deeper analysis of Kartra’s feature set, head on over to the Kartra features article.

Kartra Features List

  1. Checkouts – Sell products or services online through Kartra’s secure and gorgeous checkout forms.
  2. Pages – Amazing drag-and-drop page builder with hundreds of professionally designed templates. Ultimate flexibility and 100% mobile optimized.
  3. Leads – Build your leads, prospects and customers database. Organize them in theme groups via lists and custom tags.
  4. Funnels & Campaigns – Engineer a multi-page funnel flow to convert visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into recurrent clients!
  5. Mail – Create live or automated email/SMS marketing campaigns to communicate and engage with your user base.
  6. Membership – Deliver your content, course or training material with Kartra’s professionally designed, drag-and-drop membership portal builder.
  7. Video – Video marketers rejoice! Pop offers mid-way through your video, inject lead capture forms, multi-video playlists and much more.
  8. Helpdesks – Helpdesk portal with support ticketing and live chat.
  9. Calendars – Register and organize your one-to-one scheduled sessions with your customers, all from within one integrated dashboard.
  10. Forms – Gorgeous lead capture forms. Create your own custom fields with powerful tagging and automation rules.
  11. Affiliate Marketplace – Recruit, manage and track an army of affiliates to promote your products. Flexible commissions, payment milestones, etc.

Ontraport Overview

Having been a Kartra using for awhile now I was pretty well versed in what Kartra was capable of. In short, I was “readying the pitchforks” well before I started the trial.

Ontraport is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to get you one thing: more customers. Even for a hardcore critic like myself, Ontraport did not disappoint. In fact, I’d say it surprised me with some of it’s better features.

I began by signing up for their 14 day trial. Upon signing in, I immediately noticed a lack of an “on screen tutorial”.

As a result, I found myself getting lost in places. In my opinion, having an on-screen tutorial can be incredibly helpful when first testing a new platform. Though a lack of tutorial is no deal-breaker, it would have been nice if there was a little on-screen chipmunk there to walk me through the different capabilities of Ontraport.

Ontraport Interface

Even so, I found that Ontraport did have a relatively intuitive user interface. Which meant that the lack of on-screen tutorial did not hamper the learning curve as much as I had expected it to.

Ontraports user interface was clean!
The User Interface

One of the things that I really enjoyed with Ontraport was their top-of-the-screen navigation pane reminiscent of Microsoft Outlook. It allowed for easy switching between tabs, while keeping the screen real-estate fairly uncluttered.

The navigation for Ontraport was fairly simple – you have your main dashboard (unavailable in the trail version), the contacts tab that acts like your CRM, the campaigns tab where you “tie it all together” and create forms and messages, the tasks tab where your automation and management takes place, the sales tab where you can find your products, purchases and reports, and the pages tab where you build out your landing pages.

After familiarizing myself with the navigation and user interface, I decided to jump into creating some pages and campaigns.

Ontraport Campaigns

Ontraport campaigns were definitely the biggest draw for me. By clicking “new campaign”, I was taken to a screen with pre-built campaigns suited for any type of marketing you may run.

I selected the “EBook Opt-In and Delivery” campaign. A pre-built ebook campaign was added to my account, with all the steps created and ready to be modified to fit my needs. While Kartra does offer this functionality as well, I did felt that Ontraport’s functionality was a bit easier to navigate and use.

Importing a campaign automatically was fun and easy to do.
The Campaign Editor

Ontraport Pages

Next on my list to explore was Ontraport Pages.

Kartra had already set a high bar for landing page creation, so going into this I was ready to be disappointed.

In short, I wasn’t.

For example, while I still believe Kartra has some of the best and easiest to use page builders out there, I was impressed with Ontraport’s page builder.

Especially their suite of templates.

The template library alone made the Kartra vs Ontraport decision more difficult.
The Templates

I began my journey into Pages by perusing their templates section.

The templates section became one of my favorite things about Ontraport, by far.

It is conveniently broken down by type, industry, author and tags. This made it fairly easy to find the type of template I was looking for.

After a few minutes of perusing, I decided on “Casa De La Vina” for it’s Spanish vibes.

The page editor was easy to navigate and use.
The Page Editor

I was immediately taken to the page design screen after choosing my template. I found the user interface visually appealing and relatively easy to navigate and modify. On the other hand, it lacked something like the “sections” functionality found in Kartra.

I continued on to the product page to create my first product. It was good, but not great. That is to say, while simple and easy to use, I found it lacking in the robustness of Kartra’s product creation screen.

Ontraport Features List

  1. Marketing Automation – Give each customer a tailored experience to drive sales.
  2. Email Marketing – Send emails that keep your customers engaged.
  3. Sales Force Automation – Optimize your entire sales process to generate more prospects, nurture your leads, and close more sales.
  4. Ecommerce – Online sales to seamlessly manage payments and subscriptions.
  5. Landing Pages – Land more leads and customers with web pages that promote your products and show off your brand.
  6. CRM – Personalize every customer interaction to generate more sales using all-inclusive customer data.
  7. Marketing Analytics – Use visual analytics to make confident decisions for smarter marketing and more profits.
  8. Business Process Automation – Automate your team’s most time-consuming, repetitive tasks to create more freedom in your business.
  9. Membership Sites – Create a custom subscription site and manage it from one place to earn recurring revenue with ease.
  10. Referral Programs – Drive and track revenue generated by referral partners who receive commissions for helping you grow.

Kartra vs Ontraport: Price

To me, one of the biggest make-or-break elements of a marketing platform is their price. Luckily, Kartra and Ontraport are fairly similar in this regard, with both starting out at $79 per month.

Kartra vs Ontraport: This is a screenshot of Ontraport pricing.
Ontraport Pricing
Kartra vs Ontraport: This is a screenshot of Kartra pricing.
Kartra Pricing

Kartra vs Ontraport – My Take

After having gone through the Ontraport trial, I can tell it is a very robust platform. Which makes the Kartra vs Ontraport decision all the more difficult.

I actually really liked Ontraport. I found the all-white user interface very inviting for some odd reason, and enjoyed the breadth of landing pages and campaigns that were available in their library.

Even so, I am still going to suggest Kartra as the winner of this battle purely for it’s greater suite of functionality.

However, I don’t believe that choosing Ontraport is a poor decision in any regard. I felt Ontraport had a great user interface and was relatively easy to pick up. Moreover, it had a host of templates to choose from and the campaign functionality was amazing. And finally, it’s price was comparable to Kartra’s, making it a great alternative.

End Note

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