Kartra Plans – The Pay As You Grow Model

I’ve talked about Kartra extensively throughout this blog. One of the themes that I keep coming back to and admire about the Kartra plans hierarchy is their Pay As You Grow model.

Their base plan, the Starter plan, starts out at an incredibly reasonable price of $79. The Starter plan has all of the Kartra features available from the get go; from the affiliate marketplace to the much lauded agency feature. The only thing that changes as you go up the ladder of Kartra plans is the “volume of use” the specific plan is prepared to support.

Hierarchy of the Kartra Plans – Built For Growth

For example, at the Starter plan level, you’ll receive 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails, 50GB bandwidth, and 1 domain. This package is perfect for small and local businesses who don’t have a ton of clients and aren’t looking to expand nationally.

However, if you run a national brand, the volume of your marketing will quickly exceed the limits of the Starter plan.

As your business grows, and your marketing requirements begin to scale in proportion to your growth, your plan will grow along side the volume of your marketing – from Starter all the way to Enterprise.

In other words, your cost increases as your ability to pay increases.

PlanLeadsEmailsBandwidth (GB)Domains
Kartra Starter2,50015,000501
Kartra Silver12,5001250001253
Kartra Gold25,000250,0002005
Kartra Platinum50,000500,00040010
Kartra Diamond100,0001,000,00060010
Kartra Enterprise250,0001,000,00060010

How The Kartra Plans Change As You Grow

The primary indication that you’ve entered the next plan bracket is the number of “Leads” in your CRM. Once the total leads in your CRM exceeds the plans limit, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the next plan.

Consequently, if your business needs for emails, bandwidth or domains exceed the limits set by your plan, you do not necessarily need to upgrade to the next plan tier.

A Plan Customized To Your Business

One of the other aspects of their plan hierarchy that I really enjoy is that the limits to each category of emails, bandwidth and domains are not “set in stone”, per se.

For instance, your plan will automatically upgrade once your lead count goes above the lead count of the plan you’re subscribed to. However, if one of the other elements of the plan exceed the plans limit, you are not charged at the higher plan level.

Take, for example, my own plan.

The Kartra Plans grow as you grow
As Your Company Grows, Your Plan Grows With You

My Kartra plan is the Starter plan, with an upper limit of 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails, 50GB of bandwidth, and 1 custom domain.

As I only have 1,085 leads in my CRM, I am still well below the plans limit of 2,500. However, I have 4 domains attached to the plan. Much more than the 1 allowed.

What Kartra does is instead of increasing my plan subscription to the Silver plan, which would cost $199 per month, I am instead charged an individual fee for the additional custom domains I’ve attached to my account.

By paying for my custom domains individually, I save almost $80 off the Silver package.

Need Help With Kartra?

If you’d like support on growing your own business using Kartra or generating passive income as a Kartra affiliate, you can join one of our two Kartra Facebook groups specifically created for these purposes.

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