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If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I cover Kartra extensively and believe it to be one of the best all-in-one marketing platforms available. For this reason, I think it’s time I create a post to outlay my thoughts and opinions on Kartra email marketing.

For those of you new to the online marketing scene, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that boasts extensive features, a pay-as-you-grow pricing plan, and an impressive 40% affiliate commission for the promoters among us.

That is to say, it is the best marketing platform on the market to-date.

Specifically, it’s highly effective for a little thing called e-mail marketing.

Kartra Email Marketing

Email marketing has been, still is, and in my opinion will always be one of the highest ROI marketing activities a company can engage in.

For one, email marketing is relatively free, save for the small monthly fee associated with your email marketing software subscription. Moreover, it is highly targeted as the person you’re emailing has, at one point, asked to be sent your email!

Let me tell you, there are very, very few advertising platforms where the client actually asks to be shown your ad.

Finally, email marketing is so powerful because it allows you to develop an ongoing relationship with your clients and customers. By creating a value-based welcome sequence, you can effectively by-pass the long, drawn out process of developing initial trust with your customers.

In short, email marketing is a marketers magic pill. And with Kartra, it becomes a steroid.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the features of Kartra email marketing.

List, Leads and Tags

The Kartra CRM, in essence, is broken down into the three categories lists, leads and tags.

The Leads portion of Kartra email marketing is broken down into lists, leads and tags.
Lists, Leads and Tags

Leads is pretty self-explanatory; it’s where all of the leads are housed that sign up through a Kartra form. I have many, many forms on numerous landing pages and websites all feeding into my leads tab. This is where I go to look at specific details regarding individual clients and customer profiles.

The List

Once a lead has signed up through one of my forms, I will assign them to a list. A list is, in essence, a way to categorize and organize all of your leads. Here I am able to dive into the individual arms of my business. I have a general list for anyone who has signed up for my newsletter, a list for my clients, and a list for people who “may” be interested in my service.

Lists are a crucial component of your email activities.
Kartra Lists

After lists, we have tags. Tags are like racing gasoline to the engine of your marketing campaigns. With tags, I can “tag” my actual and potential customers as they pass through the different stages of the buying process.

There’s actually quite a bit you can do with the tag feature. For instance, if a customer has clicked on one of my products, but decided for whatever reason to abandon the cart, I can tag them with an “abandoned cart” tag. Then I add anyone with the abandoned cart tag to a sequence specifically designed to recover abandoned carts.

And I follow the same process in other areas of my marketing. For example, I’ll tag people who have signed up as a client of mine to receive a special email sequenced reserved for my clients only.

It’s this ability to tag customers and clients at specific stages of their journey that makes tags so effective in the Kartra email marketing universe.

Tags are a versatile way to engage in Behavioral Adaptive Marketing
Kartra Tags

Broadcasts, Sequences and Automations

After list, leads and tags, we have broadcasts, sequences and automations.

Broadcasts are exactly as they seem: email broadcasts.

I use broadcasts for one-off events that only require one touch point and do not need to be automated. An example would be when I need to announce a change in my policies or processes.

Broadcasts fill the one-off email need for your Kartra email marketing platform
Kartra Broadcasts

Next after broadcasts is sequences. Sequences are the bread-and-butter of my marketing campaigns. This is where I build out all of my welcome drip campaigns, my product drip campaigns, as well as any other sequence of emails I send out pertaining to my clients experience.

Sequences are the bread and butter of Kartra email marketing
Kartra Sequences

The sequence builder itself is pretty comprehensive, giving you the ability to add both emails and SMS so your sequences, add/remove tags, (un)subscribe to lists and other sequences, skip steps in the sequence, and add automated steps within the sequence.

My favorite feature personally is the ability to “split” the traffic based on predefined criteria.

For example, below I have an examaple sequence where I send a welcome email and if they do not sign up for my free course The Local Business Breakthrough, then I send them a reminder. If they DO sign up, then they are added to the welcome sequence I have set up for The Local Business Breakthrough.

Building out sequences in Kartra is easy to do and contains in depth functionality
Kartra Sequence Builder


What would an email marketing platform be without some pretty charts and graphs?

The final element of Kartra email marketing is the analytics tab.

And let me tell you, it does not disappoint when it comes to charts and graphs.

With the Analytics I am able to look at data behind my lists, broadcasts and sequences. However, it’s the sequence analytics that I find the most appealing.

Analytics for Kartra are broken down into Lists, Broadcasts and Sequences
Analytics for Lists, Broadcasts and Sequences

Kartra email marketing analytics are broken down by global and “in detail” data. With the global data I am able to take a birds eye view of my separate lists and sequences to see general activity.

If you’re like me and you want to drill down into the nitty gritty of the data details, the “in detail” tab gives you specific data surrounding each sequence, even tying the overall activity to a “revenue” number.

In Detail Analytics are so valuable!
In Detail Analytics

Want Help With Kartra Email Marketing

If you’d like support on growing your own business using Kartra or generating passive income as a Kartra affiliate, you can join one of our two Kartra Facebook groups specifically created for these purposes.

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