Affordable SEO Services For Small Business – The Inbound Press Release

Do you run a business and want to know what the most affordable SEO services for small business are?

Well, you’re in good company.

In this post, I will give you the single most affordable and effective strategy out there to increase your search engine ranking and ultimately get more clients and customers.

That strategy? Inbound press releases.

The Most Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

Inbound press releases are by far one of the most affordable SEO services for small business available on the market today.

Want to know why?

Because there are basically only two things you need to do to conduct an inbound press release.

First, you need to write the press release.

How much does writing the press release cost? Exactly $0 if you do it yourself.

Next, you need to distribute the press release.

Granted, it is possible to distribute a press release yourself, so this can feasibly cost $0 as well. However, for those who have a life outside of work, it’s better to hire this out for the extremely reasonable price of $70.

That’s all it costs! To conduct an inbound press release for your company today, it will cost you $70. About the same as two tanks of gas.

The Search Ranking Process

Conducting an inbound press release for your business entails you writing a helpful article about your industry and sending it to news media companies for them to distribute to their own readers.

And it is very, very effective in increasing your rankings on Google.

To understand why it works wonders with SEO, it helps to understand how search engines rank websites in the first place.

The most affordable seo services for small business are inbound press releases, hands down.
Ranking Your Site Is Like Putting Your Magazine On The Top Of The Pile

While the exact algorithm for the major search engines is kept hidden, we do know that there are basically two criteria search engines use to determine your rank.

  1. Your websites trustworthiness
  2. The relevancy of your website to the search query

That’s it. If you can convince the search engines that your website is more trustworthy and relevant, then you’re in the money.

So what determines whether or not a site is trustworthy and relevant?

That question is a little trickier to answer. That is to say, there are a number of factors that go into both criteria.

However, there are two specific activities we know of that can boost each criteria substantially.

The Ranking Activities For The Most Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

To increase your website’s trustworthiness and relevancy factor, there are two incredibly influential activities you can engage in.

Those activities are building backlinks and infusing your website with keywords relevant to your business.

Luckily, both activities are fairly simple and straightforward.

A backlink is essentially a link someone places on their website that points to your website.

So to “build a backlink”, all you need to do is get someone to link to your site!

That’s it. Nothing special or complex.

Infusing keywords into your website is also a fairly simple and straightforward process.

To infuse keywords into your website, all you have to do is add keywords relevant to your particular product or service into your website text.

By doing these two activities, the search engines will have absolutely no question as to what your website is about and whether or not it can be trusted.

How To Increase Your Trustworthiness & Relevancy Score With Inbound Press Releases

So, how do inbound press releases help you increase your trustworthiness and relevancy factor through backlinks and keywords?

It all starts when you actually write your press release.

First, make sure that your press release includes all of the major keywords you would like to rank your site for. This will ensure Google and Bing have no doubt as to the relevancy of your content.

Then, add four or five links to different pages on your website directly into the body of the press release.

Once you hand your press release over to the news outlet and they publish it on their website, the deed is done.

You see, news media websites generally have a pretty high score in Google and Bing. So once your press release has been posted to their sites, Google will see that a trusted website has linked back to your website.

And not only that, the content of that article is rich with relevant keywords!

What was that? Yes, a keyword rich backlink!

So there you go. You get to be seen as an authority in your industry by being featured on a trustworthy news site. 

Not only that, your article acts as an indirect advertisement for your company; people will see you wrote the article and click through to your website.

Most importantly though, search engines will trust you more. Which means your organic search ranking will increase, drastically increasing your traffic.

Inbound Press Releases – The Most Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

To summarize, what I just relayed is that for $70, you can increase both your trustworthiness and relevancy score substantially, by conducting inbound press releases for your business.

If you’re thinking to yourself “that sounds like it will take a lot of my time.” Well, you’re right.

Press Releases do take time, but the upfront time investment is well worth it.

In fact, ranking on Google can be infinitely more effective than Social Media marketing.

Inbound press releases are the most affordable SEO services for small business
Inbound Press Releases Are As Old As Newspaper

For those business owners who would rather exchange their money for time, there are many companies that will offer this as a service. And the distribution will probably amaze you.

For instance, our company offers this service and our most popular package guarantees you over 100 media placements. That means 100 placements where your article will be seen by readers, and 100 placements to show Google how trustworthy you are.

Whether you choose to hire a professional press release company or bootstrap it on your own, I would highly encourage you to begin utilizing this under-the-radar form of public relations. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Conduct an Inboudn Press Release to increase your online reach
Inboud Press Releases Are The Most Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

If you’re interested in doing Inbound Press Releases with us, reach out to me (the author) or go to our website at to schedule a call.

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