LinkedIn Automation – How To Automate LinkedIn Messages

Do you want to learn how to automate LinkedIn messages?

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the big kahuna when it comes to B2B sales.

In fact, LinkedIn accounts for the vast majority of our sales to-date here at GCQ Marketing.

And when it comes to our most effective LinkedIn activity, messages are definitely king.

However, the problem with messages is that they take so much damn time.

Luckily, the most time-intensive aspects of messaging can be automated.

Here’s how to automate LinkedIn messages, and why you should consider implementing it in your own B2B sales outreach.

Why Automate LinkedIn Messages

Whenever I talk about automating any part of the sales funnel someone will inevitably jump up and decry sales automation as akin to the death of all relationships everywhere.

So let me clarify at the outset that I am all for building long term relationships with clients and customers.

However, the fact of the matter is that we only have so many hours in the day. That is to say, sitting in front of your computer banging away at your keyboard to say “hello” to hundreds of people is an incredible waste of your valuable time on this earth.

So in a nutshell, time is why you need to automate your LinkedIn messages.

I heartily believe that automating at least a portion of the client relationship on the front end is indeed valuable and does not detract from the overall relationship.

As such, LinkedIn messages, being the most time consuming activity of LinkedIn, is ideal for automation.

Why does automation of LinkedIn messages save you so much time?

Because by automating the initial messaging, you spend your time only dealing with responses, versus direct outreach.

How To Automate LinkedIn Messages

As I said, by far the most labor intensive part of LinkedIn messages is the initial messaging sequence that you send to your potential clients.

So it’s those initial messages that we’ll focus our automation on.

To automate your initial messages, you’ll first need to write a four part welcome sequence.

The four part welcome sequence should look like this:

  1. An intro message
  2. An educational message about solutions to their problems
  3. An educational message with a soft sell
  4. A hard sell message

That’s it.

Once you have those four steps to the sequence written, all you need to do is register for a software such as LinkedB2B to automate the delivery of the messages.

To automate linkedin messages, you need to use an automation software.
Automate your messages with an automation software

Need Help With LinkedIn Automation?

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