How To Distribute Your Ad Spend

There is a big debate out there on where exactly you should put your ad spend if you’re a small business. How should you distribute your ad spend?

Many different companies have their own formula, but I’d like to tell you what works for us and what we tell our VA’s to do for our clients.

We call it the “40/30/30 till we know better” formula.

What we’ll do is start out a campaign with 40% of the ad spend going to Search platforms (think Google and Bing), 30% of the ad spend going to Social Platforms (think Facebook and LinkedIn) and 30% going towards remarketing.

Then, once we start to get solid feedback on which platform is performing well for us (after the testing phase), we begin to change the distribution accordingly to find that sweet spot of ROI.

But we start out with 40/30/30.

The reason we lean heavily on Search is because for small businesses that provide a service to the local community, you’ll want to get in from of your potential customers when they’re looking to solve their problem – the problem that your service can fix. Search is an intent based platform, meaning that the person already has the intent to solve their problem when they perform the search query. Which is why we lean a little heavier on Search than Social in the beginning.

With that said, once you get that feedback in terms of opt-ins and clicks, if you begin to see that Social is providing a higher ROI than Search, then you’ll want to start to pour more ad spend into Social.

It’s as simple as that!

Need Help With Your Ad Spend Distribution?

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