How To Sell Luxury Real Estate With Online Marketing

My online marketing agency, Get Clients Quick, was recently commissioned to sell luxury real estate using online marketing. Here’s the lesson’s we learned throughout the process.

Selling Luxury Real Estate Online Requires A Full System

The first thing that we made sure to cover when getting ready to sell the luxury home was to set up a full system.

We knew from the get-go that selling luxury real estate using online marketing would require an extra touch. That is to say, we knew we couldn’t just throw up an ad and expect the leads to start pouring in.

In fact, the home in question we were commissioned to sell was a $4 MM home. Which meant that the pool of potential buyers was tinsy-tiny. So we wanted to create a $4 MM online experience to match the house.

To do that, we began by creating a 4 step funnel with the following steps.

  1. Initial lead page
  2. Sales page / property details page
  3. Online scheduling calendar
  4. Thank you page

Throughout this funnel we infused an attention to detail that a luxury property deserved, starting with the landing page and ending with the thank you page.

Once those four pages were setup, the next step we took was to create an email / txt marketing sequence for the follow up.

Obviously, when buying a luxury second or vacation home, you’re not going to be making the decision the first time you see the property. You’ll need to see the property a few times before it starts to click.

We prepared for this by setting up a 60 day email sequence that sent emails or texts to the interested parties immediately after they signed up to see the property details.

To Sell Luxury Real Estate With Online Marketing, Focus On The Location As Much As The House

Sell The Location Just As Much As The House

The particular piece of property we were selling was a second or vacation property, so we knew starting off that a person buying that piece of property is in it for more than just the property itself. They want an experience.

That experience will come from the location.

Make sure to sell the location just as much as you do the property.

Is it on the ocean? Stress that.

Is there a world famous BBQ joint 2 blocks away? Stress that.

Just make sure that the buyer knows that they aren’t just buying a structure, they’re buying a life experience.

Where We Are Now

We just started this campaign, so check back for results – so far we’ve seen about an $.40 cost per click, which is biding well.

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