The Most Effective Facebook Ad For Realtors

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – attracting buyer and seller leads for real-estate professionals using Facebook is not that hard. In fact, it’s so easy I’ll be able to show you the most effective Facebook ad for realtors in just one post.

Before we get started though, let’s jump into why you should use Facebook ads in the first place.

Why Use Facebook To Generate Real-Estate Leads

For those of you new to online marketing, Facebook is basically the gold standard for online marketing platforms.

Why is it so effective?

To put it simply, everyone uses it. Which means you are almost guaranteed to find your ideal customer on their platform.

Not only that, Facebook’s advertising platform hosts superb functionality. From pixels to lookalike audiences to re-marketing campaigns, running a Facebook ad means you are able to find your perfect customer relatively easily.

Which is exactly why it works so well for real-estate professionals. Facebook will allow you to find & communicate to your ideal client with relative ease.

The Most Effective Facebook Ad For Realtors

Even though Facebook ads are highly effective from the outset, you still need to learn how to weild them effectively.

Which leads me to the point of this post – the most effective Facebook ad for realtors.

If you want to cut your learning curve in half and double your advertising efficacy, you should start with Facebook Lead Form ads.

I run the ad agency Get Clients Quick, so I’m pretty damn familiar with most type of ads. And let me tell you – lead form ads do not work for many industries.

For some reason though, they kill it in real-estate.

Here is an example of an ad we ran for a client recently.

The Most Effective Facebook Ad For Realtors Is The Facebook Lead Form Ad

As you can see from this example, we are getting leads for under $5!

How To Run The Most Effective Facebook Ad For Realtors

If you want to implement Facebook Lead Form ads for your own real estate business, there are a few tips I’d suggest you follow.

First, target women over 25.

For some reason, women are far more likely to ask to receive information about a property over Facebook than men.

It might be the medium, it might be something completely different.

Either way, I would suggest you target women first.

The next tip I’d give you is to geo-fence your area and target the income representative of your property.

For example, the property I was advertising above was listed at $3MM. Which meant if I got a lead from someone who only made $80,000 per year, that lead was essentially garbage.

Unfortunately, Facebook did away with their “income” targeting, so you’ll have to target based on the zip codes.

The End. Need Help?

So that’s it! If you want to generate gobs of leads for your real estate firm, run Facebook Lead Form ads to women over 25 who are near your property, in a representative income.

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