How I Ranked My Real Estate Investing Website On Google With SEO

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s nothing sweeter than successfully pulling off SEO and ranking your website on Google. Here is how I ranked my real estate investing website on Google with SEO to bring in quality leads, 100% free.

Why I Decided To Do SEO On My Real Estate Investing Website

I’ll be honest – I have been purposefully evading learning SEO. As far as digital marketing goes, SEO is the Original Gangsta of the skills, and the last one I wanted to pick up.

And for good reason… it takes a lot of effort to do SEO. Let alone rank your real estate investing website locally.

Even so, after spending a LOT of money on paid ads, I decided to give SEO a try on my real estate investing website Free leads sounded too damn enticing.

SEO Can Be Done By Anyone

To me SEO has always sounded like one of those insane magician skills that only the elite of the elite know how to do correctly.

Luckily, I was wrong!

After playing around with SEO on my own site, I found that the skills can indeed be picked up by anyone.

In fact, after a few short weeks, I was able to get 4 of my top 10 preferred keywords in the top 3 position on Google!

The Two Primary Activities Of Real Estate SEO

There are basically just two primary activities you need to perform to rank your real estate website with SEO.

  1. Backlinking
  2. SEO Optimized Content

Yup – that’s it! If you do those two activities like an ace, then the leads will start pouring in and before you know it you’ll be buying your own private island in Bermuda.

Start With Keyword Rich Content To Rank Your Real Estate Website With SEO

I knew from talking with people in the field that backlinking can be hell, so I decided to start with content.

To start things off, I conducted keyword research and decided on a list of 10 keywords and phrases that I really wanted to rank for.

Once the list was decided on, I created a page for each market I invest in and wrote custom content for that market that was infused with those keywords.

Beef Up Your Content SEO Strategy With Blog Posts

Once my pages were built out, I took my on-page SEO strategy one step further by creating a weekly blog post surrounding those same keywords I was hoping to rank for.

At this step, you don’t need to overdo it. Many people will tell you to write a daily blog post – while that would help you with the rankings, I guarantee you there are precisely zero real estate investing companies doing even one blog post a week. So in my opinion, one post a week would do you just fine.

Get Them Backlinks

Once my keyword rich content strategy was up and running, I turned my attention to the most hated of activities – backlinking.

There are basically two ways to do backlinking – the easy way, or the hard way.

The hard way is definitely more effective, but it’s, well, goddamn hard. Ain’t nobody in real estate got time for that.

Needless to say, I chose the easy way. I hired people to do the brunt of the work.

To get backlinks, you can either write excellent posts on forums and real estate related websites, but it’ll take time and a lot of effort.

The other way to get backlinks is to hire someone on Fiverr for $20 to build out citations for you and distribute your Press Releases.

Yeah, I’ll take the $20 route too.

To pull this off, all you need to do is go to Fiverr and search “citation building”. Hire anyone with good ratings and they’ll build out online website citations (think online directories like White Pages).

Once your citations are complete, head back on into Fiverr and search “Press Release Distribution”.

Here, the word “distribution” is key. What you’ll do is write a regular old press release, then hand it off to the freelancer to distribute that press release for you.

After you’ve created citations and conducted a press release, your job is done. It’s time to sit back and relax.

SEO Is An Ongoing Task

Ok – so you can’t relax for too long.

SEO is actually an ongoing task. From here on out, plan on conducting a Press Release monthly and writing a blog post weekly.

If you do that, I guarantee you’ll see a marked improvement in your search rankings.

Get Help With Paid Online Advertising

Remember โ€“ online marketing works for EVERY business. If you want to generate gobs of customers and clients for your business, it will work for you.

And it’s not just SEO. SEO is pretty slick, but paid ads are by far the easiest and most effective way to grow your business fast.

If you want to learn how to do this whole online marketing thing yourself, click here to sign up for our 7 day online marketing course for local businesses called โ€œThe Local Business Breakthroughโ€œ. You can also head over to our Resources Page to see an updated list of the best marketing tools available today.

And as always, if you would like for me and my crew here to market your business for you, reach out to us at

To your success, happiness, fulfillment and growth.

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