How To Grow A Facebook Group Fast

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for a faster, more effective, and cheaper way to market your business. Well, Facebook Groups are quickly becoming one of the most sought after organic marketing tools available to businesses today, and for good reason – they’re highly effective.

I was able to grow a Facebook Group to 10,000+ members in just a few months with very, very minimal involvement and fully attest to their efficacy.

They rock.

Here are the three most effective steps I took to achieve those numbers.

How to grow a facebook group fast for your own business

Why Grow A Facebook Group For Your Business?

Before we jump into how to do it, let me tell you why I think everyone should consider growing a Facebook group for their own business.

First, Facebook Groups are one of the most effective organic marketing tools out there because they allow a business owner to market to a highly-targeted audience at absolutely zero cost to the business.

Facebook Groups are centered around a specific theme, e.g. skincare, and anyone who joins that group is self-declaring that they are already interested in that topic. Meaning when you post in the group (at no cost to you), your posts are targeting exactly the people who would be interested in that content.

Second, Facebook groups allow business owners to grow their email list very rapidly.

In the process of joining the group, members can be required to fill out a 3 question form. One of those questions can ask for their email address in exchange for a small prize, e.g. “Type your email address below to receive the Top 5 Best Practices PDF and be added to our email list”.

And with a little magical help from Zapier, you can add those email addresses straight into an email list.

Third, as you will be the admin of your group, Facebook groups allow you to be seen as an authority figure in whatever niche you choose to build your group!

People will associate you with “the boss of of the group”, and by association you’ll be seen as an authority in that niche.

Finally, Facebook groups are highly effective for both online and offline businesses.

Meaning even if you run a cleaning supplies company or a doctors office, you can benefit from growing your own Facebook Group.

So that’s why you should grow your own Facebook group. Here’s how to do it.

How To Grow A Facebook Group Principle #1: Engage To Grow

When it comes to growing your own Facebook Group, engagement is key.

The more engaged your members become, the more Facebook will send similar members to join your group.

It makes sense if you think about it – Facebook wants people to spend time on their platform. And the more engaged a group member is, the more time they are spending on Facebook.

So if you give Facebook what it wants (engagement), Facebook will reward you with what you want (more members).

So start thinking about ways to get your members engaged.

How To Grow A Facebook Group Principle #2: Transfer To Grow

This principle is all about how to grow your group from scratch when you don’t already have a following.

And it’s surprisingly simple. Just not common sense.

Facebook will allow you to invite members into your group from your friends list. So that right there is a starting point.

However, they will also allow you to invite page followers into your group from your business page. And business pages can run ads to get page likes / followers. 

So, if you create your group from a business page, you can run page like ads and invite those page followers to join your group! 

How To Grow A Facebook Group Principle #3: Network To Grow

Now, let’s talk about how to start growing your group from your own personal network and advertising activities.

The value of a Facebook group is in it’s niche relevance. Meaning when you build a Facebook group, you are building an audience who have self-disclosed that they are interested in the topic of the group, simply because they joined the group.

So, if you want to find people who are interested in your group’s topic, what better place to start than your own network?

If you’re interested in creating the group, chances are you’re associated with people who are also interested in that topic.

However, you can’t just spam people with invites. You’ll quickly be ostracized from your own social circle.

To start recruiting people from your network into your group, all you have to do is add the group link to your social assets and email signature.

Yup, couldn’t be simpler.

Once you do that, people in your network who are interested in that topic will start to trickle into your group.

A Step-By-Step Course To Help You Grow Your Own Facebook Group

After growing my own Facebook Group and seeing how much of an impact it had on my business, I decided to create a course to help others replicate that success for their own businesses.

It’s called… drumroll… Facebook Group Growth Course! I know, very catchy.

In this course I will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to grow your own group to 10,000+ members.

And don’t worry, even if you have zero tech skills you will be able to do this. I take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step in growing your own group.

Join our course that will teach you how to grow your own Facebook group fast

Full disclosure though – growing a Facebook Group is not for everyone. It takes time and effort to grow a group, so you have to be willing to work.

However, for those who are willing to put in some sweat equity, Facebook Groups are extremely effective – for both online and offline businesses.

Meaning even if you run a cleaning supplies company or a doctors office, you can benefit tremendously from a Facebook Group.

If you’d like to register for the course and start growing your own 10,000+ member group, watch the intro video by clicking here or heading over to the Resources page.

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