How We Generate Off-Market Real Estate Leads From Motivated Sellers Using Digital Marketing

When I first got into digital marketing, I didn’t know what I was doing.

Like, I was bad.

I would create a Facebook “Like” campaign, turn it on and cross my fingers that leads would just start pouring in.

And you guessed it, they never came.

It took me awhile to learn the different levers that make digital marketing work. Once I did though, the results I am able to drive for our business is staggering (tooting my own horn there).

Here are the primary levers I pull in the digital marketing world to attract off-market leads into our real-estate business.

the four pillars of off market real estate marketing for motivated sellers

The Four Pillars Of Digital Marketing For Off-Market Real Estate Leads

Before I go any further, understand that there are countless ways to do marketing.

And all of them work.

So don’t think that I’m professing to know the ONE solution that will solve all of your problems.

What I’ll outlay here is merely my own solution. If you have something that already works for you, by all means keep using it!

With that said, here are the four primary pillars I use to attract off market real estate leads into our business.

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. PPC Search Ads (Google)
  3. Cold Email Marketing
  4. Ringless Voicemail
Facebook marketing for real estate

Facebook Ads

Many people hate on Facebook Ads for real estate marketing, saying that the new restrictions Facebook imposed on Real Estate as an industry has made it neigh impossible to run an effective ad.

I say… hogwash!

Those people just don’t know what they’re doing ;).

Facebook Ads are one of the primary pillars of my marketing machine. Primarily because of two key aspects of the platform: remarketing ads and custom audiences.

When running Facebook Ads for real estate, the absolute first type of campaign you should create is a re-marketing ad.


Because people RARELY make a “purchase” decision after first being introduced to a company.

In fact, it takes up to 7 times of seeing an ad before a person will generally pull the trigger.

Re-marketing ads will allow you to hit those 7 touchpoints.

Re-marketing isn’t the only use of Facebook Ads though, they also work for top-of-funnel traffic when combined with their custom audiences.

Custom audiences take a little extra work to create, but the results are almost as good as the re-marketing campaigns.

PPC Search Ads (aka Google Ads)

The next pillar in our off market real estate marketing arsenal is PPC ads, or Google Ads.

What’s the first thing someone does when they decide they want to sell their house?

If they don’t have a relative or friend in real-estate, the very first thing they’ll do is search for a solution on Google.

And that’s precisely where you get the best quality traffic.

Google PPC Ads are GREAT when it comes to top-of-funnel traffic for your lead page. They are highly targeted, the traffic is generally further down the “sales funnel” than other types of traffic, and when used correctly they can out-perform every other source of traffic you run.

The downside?

The learning curve is steep. And you can easily lose money.

Especially in real-estate, Cost-Per-Click can be upwards of $50 sometimes. Which is absolutely ridiculous.

So before you engage in Google Ads, make sure you have a solid set of keywords and that you’re monitoring the campaigns weekly to ensure no lost clicks on poor choice keywords.

Cold Email Marketing

This next pillar is not for everyone. In fact, it generally only works with B2B as emails are readily available on data sites.

But yes, cold email is a solid pillar in our real estate off market lead generation marketing.

The key here is to get the right data. Data is KING when it comes to cold email.

There are many, many data giants out there that will allow you to purchase lists. For B2B, I suggest D7 Lead Finder. For SFR, I suggest listsource.

Once a list is purchased, you can skiptrace the owners of the addresses and find any associated emails.

Ringless Voicemail

The final pillar of our off market lead generation system for real estate is ringless voicemail.

I know, a lot of people are going to cringe with this one. And admittedly, it’s a little bit gray-hat type marketing.

But it works.

When we have a highly qualified list of potential sellers, one of the first things we do is skiptrace the list and send everyone a ringless voicemail.

It’s cheap. It’s easy to do. And people actually call back!

If you’re uneasy about sending a ringless voicemail, just remember that they don’t actually have to listen to it! It’s very easy for them to delete it right off the bat. And more often than not, the person you’re sending the voicemail to really benefits from your information.

Want More?

f you didn’t know, I run a digital marketing company and love helping business owners reach the next level of success with their digital marketing. You can see all of the tools I use to get our company and our clients companies results on our resources page here.

If you’d like to hire us to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your business, or to do digital marketing FOR you, reach out to us at

To your success, fulfillment and happiness!


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