A Digital Marketing Lesson In Authenticity From ABC’s “The Bachelor”

When I first met my girlfriend and she said she loved watching ABC’s “The Bachelor”, my first reaction was, “Oh dear god, please don’t make me watch it with you.”

I held out for awhile, always having “urgent work” I needed to attend to on Tuesday nights.

But a man can only hold out for so long. Eventually, she’ll win.

And win she did.

After a few episodes of watching her gossip to her girlfriends through SnapChat, I slowly started “stopping by” to see what all the goss’ was about.

Who kissed who. Who snubbed who. You know, important stuff.

As time went on, the “stopping by” turned into “sitting down and watching.” Then one day I found myself saying things like “Oh man, whatsherface is not going to make it.”

And that’s when I knew my interior core as a man had been melted down and the Bachelor franchise had won.

I had gone over to the dark side.

Since then, I have become fully engrossed in the show. I can tell you pretty much every contestants name and the drama that’s going on within each relationship.

…There are teen girls who know less about the Bachelor than I do.

And you know what? I’m cool with it. Mostly because I enjoy sharing the experience with my girlfriend (and my other male friends who’s girlfriends have looped them in… you know who you are!), but also because I am genuinely interested in the dynamics at play between the contestants, and how those dynamics relate to my day job in marketing and real-estate.

Digital Marketing & The Bachelor

Yup, you read that right. The Bachelor has ties to real life.

From the very first episode of a season, it is painfully obvious which contestants will be going home early and which will last till the end.

The ones who go home early are the ones who aren’t being authentic.

Of course there are outliers to this equation (Luke, you weasel you!), but generally the ones who go home are the ones who from the outset are trying to project some ideal image of themselves. The ones who aren’t being real.

How does this relate to business and digital marketing?

Because the problem many Bachelor contestants have with their presentation is the same problem business owners have with their organic and paid digital marketing campaigns.

They’re not being authentic.

ABC's The Bachelor and Digital Marketing

Channel Your Inner Hannah B To Win In Digital Marketing

I see it all the time on my Facebook and LinkedIn feeds. A business owner will get in front of the camera and basically start hard selling their product right off the bat, talking about all of it’s benefits and why someone should buy from them.

Don’t be that Bachelor-contestant-I-mean-business-owner!

You don’t need to be or say something specific in order to win the heart of the customer. You just need to be yourself and share your value (aka your expertise).

That’s what effective Bachelor contestants do, and it’s what effective organic and paid marketing campaigns look like.

So you can take the pressure off yourself. You already have everything you need to succeed in digital marketing – yourself!

Just get in front of the camera and do what Hannah B. did last season – share your value and leave it at that.

Over time, as content starts piling up and people start to develop a relationship with you through that content, you’ll start to see an influx of customers and leads.

Want More?

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To your success, fulfillment and happiness!


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