Crushing Out Of State Real Estate Investing With Al Philip Neri | The Real Estate Investing Club #5

Transcript of “Crushing Out Of State Real Estate Investing With Al Philip Neri”

Gabriel Petersen 0:02
And we are live out. Thank you for joining us. How are you doing today? Go phenomenal. Awesome. Where are you calling from?

Al Philip Neri 0:11
I’m from Denver. from Denver.

Gabriel Petersen 0:13
Yep. Denver, Allah London. Correct?

Al Philip Neri 0:17
Correct. I was born and raised in London till I was 13. And then my family bought a business out here in Denver. So we we moved to Denver when I was 13.

Gabriel Petersen 0:26
Wow, that’s cool. That’s cool. Yeah. I’m sure that’ll play into the story at some point. But to get us started wants you to tell the listeners everybody watching you know who you are, where you’re from, and how you got into real estate in the first place.

Al Philip Neri 0:40
Yeah, got it. So alpha Neri out of Denver, Colorado. I’m post college. I worked for the government for 11 years and did a lot of stuff in special operations. juvenile corrections, ran a juvenile prison for the state of Colorado for a number of years. make a long story short, in 2004. I decided to just kind of take a leap of faith in regards to the world of art. Entrepreneurship and was like, I want to open up a gym. And that would be, you know, a boxing martial arts gym. You know, my father was like, let’s, let’s get into the rental car business. So we had an Avis. A guy that would work on their rentals was like, we should start flipping houses. I was like, what does that mean? He was like, you buy them all do the work and most of the profit. So that’s actually how I got started in real estate. No training, no education, no, no, anything, just just a friend of my friend. I used a little bit of common sense. And I said, if I buy something for this price, and it costs us this much remotely, and we can sell it for this price, and then it costs us a little bit to sell it. There’s a spread. That makes sense. And that’s what I did.

Gabriel Petersen 1:48
That’s, that seems to be a common theme with people in real estate. I feel like it’s they just, they know somebody somehow they just kind of like ran into real estate and then they just kept going and it worked.

Al Philip Neri 2:00
So I built up from that,

you know, started buying some properties out of state. My second city was Detroit where everybody was like, You are absolutely crazy, man isn’t that place like falling apart and, you know, such high unemployment and things. So we bought a lot of stuff in the inner city. You know, we had a lot of success out there and then just continue to expand on that. I’m, I’m on my 20th City right now, which is a city in Georgia. I’ve done a few cities in Georgia. I became a realtor in 2007. And everybody thinks I became a realtor so I could find my own deals, list my own deals. That wasn’t the case. I just had a very good friend of mine that was a realtor and he was very busy. And he was like, Hey, man, you’ve got a real estate brain. Do you want to get a license and help? And so then it was okay, how do we become successful realtors plus being successful investors. And so now I run you know, a very, you know, very successful team here in Denver, and then in 2010 I had the luxury of being asked by all the TV shows to speak on their seminar circuit. So all the big boy TV shows, so I traveled for six years, all over the US and Canada, basically teaching every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, teaching people about how to get started real estate investing. So I wasn’t the guy that did the big sales presentation and wild people with real estate and, you know, they talk about their pie in the sky deals kind of thing. That was me, I was the guy after people paid for the education, I showed up and said, Okay, now how do we actually build this business in three days? So you guys can start, you know, start something new, whether it’s a side hustle, or it’s, well, whatever your goals are, but how do we actually get going in real estate so I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the teaching. So now I do. Obviously individual coaching group coaching. I have a performance coaching business that’s way bigger than real estate. You know, it’s mindset, life business. I wrote a book about balancing life the formula for a balanced life. I’m a PhD. In performance psychology, so real estate will always be one heavy vehicle in my world, as a realtor as an investor running a team, and then I, I see myself also running, you know, just as I get the PhD, really increase in the performance coaching aspect of my business as well.

Gabriel Petersen 4:18
Wow, that’s great. So you, uh, you have a quite a breadth of experience. That’s, I’ll be excited to go into it. So you started off you ran into somebody sent just friend of a friend who got you into real estate since then you’ve kind of taken off. Where are you like right now? I mean, you just touched on in a second go, you’re doing coaching, performance coaching, and you’re still in real estate, you’re a broker and you do flips the kind of take us what what is it you do? What areas do you focus on? How does your how’s your investment side? How does that?

Al Philip Neri 4:50
Yep. So, you know, we’ve gone through the gamut where we’ve had tons of rentals, you know, sold the rentals tons of flips, sold the flips, made money last Money took on more risks than I could handle. You know, because, you know, you’re young, you’re hungry. You’re like, you’re like, Oh my god, this is 90,000 moving parts that I never thought about or nobody told me, you know? Yeah. So you know, I’m definitely not that guy that you know, says every everything’s worked out. I’m definitely plenty of sleepless nights along the journey. Right now I’m flipping in two markets. Denver, we just got back into Denver this year. The last couple years it was it was tough to get a deal. I’m not saying guys weren’t flipping houses and wholesalers weren’t wholesaling houses. They just didn’t meet our numbers. And I don’t I don’t feel like we’re per se the greedy flippers. But what we where we struggle is we we don’t really like to do a cheap remote. So you know, a lot of wholesalers, the ARV can be wrong, the rehab can be wrong. And then what happens is guys buy the deals, and then they realize, wow, this wasn’t a 30 grand rebound. This was a 50 grand remodel. So what are the corners I can cut and as a realtor, unfortunately, I see that end product because again, I have regular buyers. So as I’m out and about my team’s out about we, we saw the quality of some of the remodels. It was like this is atrocious. You know, and I’m talking, you know, things that and you know, they’re not per se health and safety, but you know, like, they wouldn’t paint doors, they wouldn’t change hinges on Wow,

wouldn’t paint trim, they wouldn’t put new trim, it’s just just the remodel. Does that make sense? And so we we just won’t do that. So at the beginning of this year, we just kind of stumbled across a few deals and it was like, okay, we can flip these and that has definitely built up the momentum for us. Um, I think I may have just completed the fastest flip I’ve ever created. ever done this Wednesday, as in tomorrow is two weeks of ownership on the house. Retail fix and flip. And it’s being staged today. Wow, How’d you do that? One? We just, we

Gabriel Petersen 7:07
got in there and did some work.

Al Philip Neri 7:10
I tell people, man, I’ve guys tripping over each other. And, you know, we just we just got in and out important new concrete and just we just got a dumpster was at the house for a day. That’s how and then, you know, yeah, we just moved really, really quickly on it. So he also did, um, you know, flipping in one other out of state market in Georgia. Um, they move a little slower than I do in Denver. So it’s a little bit it’s been a little bit mentally challenging at times because as you can tell, we’ve I mean, typically start to finish we would flip a house in 30 days, like that’s my plan is they we buy it 30 days it’s back on the market. Um, and you know, sometimes you run into complications with you know, the cities like you You need to get permits and then Coronavirus happens and they don’t work for three weeks and then they’re mad at you because you didn’t get a permit so they’re like haha we’re gonna make your life miserable right it’s just like so I just had one go under contract yesterday that fell into that I identical scenario and it’s all good because now it’s a fully permitted house dun dun dun to their standards which we would have done anyway but they’ve validated it does that make sense? But yeah, you know in the other markets it’s and that’s where I think people are more intrigued by my investing is they’re like How the hell did you do this? You know, 2000 miles away from Denver, you’ve done it in so many cities. And I tell people man it’s it’s not it’s not easy and you really have to have people that you trust

Gabriel Petersen 8:45
you know, I’m so I am I am actually very interested in this. So I’m my partners and I work completing a wholesale out in South Carolina right now. Originally we were going to buy it but just Corona hit and we’re like, Alright, let’s just wholesale. It’s actually a mobile home park. So It’s not a it’s not an amicable flip, but, but still dealing in different markets. It’s difficult and so kind of take us through how do you guys how do you guys operationalize the acquisition defining the property? Just positioning the property every step along the way. How do you guys actually deal with out of state?

Al Philip Neri 9:24
Yep. So a few few different things a lot, a lot of moving parts in the bicycle wheel, per se, and all those folks. Step one is I just started cold calling a ton of realtors. Um, and I think it helps because I am one. So when I introduce myself, I introduce myself as an agent and kind of share my background they can look me up, they can validate I’m an agent. Does that make sense? I think what it does is it it kind of you know, there’s a there’s a fine line there with all I’m a cash buyer and agents like Oh shit, Right. You’re like, Oh, God, I’ve heard this a million times. You just come out of a seminar, right? Like, I mean, it’s all that stuff, right? So I think I can substantiate myself being an agent. I mean, they can see him with one of the big boy brokerages, they can see I run a big team, a producing team. Does that make sense? So I think I can have him credibility conversation, agent, correct with the credibility. So then I start saying, hey, like, this is what I’m looking for. And I understand this might not be your wheelhouse, nor might you want to do the work. Like, you know, like, it kind of sucks, right? He should run around town look at look at nasty ass properties and make low offers for me. I get it. That might not be what you want to do. But what you might know of is some young hungry agent that just wants to grind. And they’re like, I’ll do it. I have nothing but time and you know what, I’m going to get experienced. I’m gonna see neighborhoods. I’m going to see houses. I’m gonna understand floor plans. And you know what, I’m going to make this work for me. And I don’t have another client. So, you know, how’s this work? So sometimes, you know, I sometimes I’ll target, you know, agents online that per se look younger, or read their bios, they’ve only been in real estate for a year. And people are like, That’s crazy. And I’m like, Look, I have the knowledge. I don’t need them to have the knowledge. I just need them to have the work ethic. I have the knowledge, I can teach them what I want. I can teach them how to pull comps, I can teach them, them. It’s not hard to FaceTime me right now. You know, they didn’t notice me 50 pictures, like just call me on WhatsApp or FaceTime. And we can walk through the house together, right? I can show them how I run my numbers because I think that’s very important too is, you know, investors, like they didn’t want to share their formula. With the real estate agent. It’s like, dude, your formula is not a secret. Like we all use the same. It’s not a secret, right? Like if you but if you educate them on the formula, they they kind of understand why your offer is low, right? They’re like, Oh, god Wow. And then obviously the perk to the realtor is, Hey, if you’re the one that helps you find the deal, you’re the listing agent at full commission. That’s the other thing. A lot of these investors like, well, you’re gonna give me a discount, like, come on and let people earn their money, right? They hustled really hard, they may or may have made 100 offers 50 offers to get your one deal. Let them keep the full 3% on the list side, and then obviously, you got a buyer’s agent, right? So it’s just like when you understand their role, and I think respect their role. It tends to do that. So that’s one role. Then what we try to do is we try to get on every buyers list from every wholesaler in this in the city. And that’s through Facebook, Craigslist. You know, one of my business partners like that’s all he’ll do is he’ll all attack the realtor side of the business. He’ll attack the Facebook wholesaler side of the business, and he’ll join every every investor group in the city. Try to heal respond to every property. Does that make sense just to create dialogue community dialogue, patient dialogue, communication. Um, and then from there, obviously, you start to get some deals, right? Um,

you know, wholesalers, once they put you on the buyers list, I mean, that’s pretty easy. You’re just going to get the email distribution, realtor, sometimes, you know, you gotta, you got to prod because they get frustrated because, you know, let’s say somebody is asking 90 grand for a property and you want to offer 40 and they’re like, well, there’s no way they’re going to take it. They’ve already rejected 88. Okay, got it cool. And they just get tired of hearing that correct. So sometimes you got to start that wind that wheel back up again and jump on someone else don’t you know, kind of, kind of go through there. There’s many times to like, you know, if a realtor we know they’ve beat the streets, man, we’ll, we’ll we’ll send them a little bit of money, a gas or like just something out of common courtesy to be like, you know what, this person is really, really trying. And it’s not their fault that we we just can’t quite put something together yet but it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. Then just through networking, Sometimes, you know, we’ll find a young, a young hungry person in the city that kind of posts on that Facebook group like, hey, I want to get into, you know, wanting to get started in real estate investing, does anybody suggest how I get started courses, you know, bigger pockets, YouTube, whatever. And we’ll reach out to that person and say, hey, how does this sound we need a boots on the ground, to go look at houses for us drive by neighborhoods, or whatever the case is, um, the exchanges you’re obviously going to learn. And if we close the deal, we’ll give you you know, a little bit of money for kind of being the boots on the ground person kind of depends on what their involvement is. Does that make sense? But we just kind of build them into the deal. We won’t prepay or anything like that, because then I think we’re sending in the wrong expectation of how the real estate industry works. We all know when we’re when you’ve been in the business, nobody gets paid until the house closes. So it’s kind of just setting that standard for like, hey, like we can all work together. Um, you know, the other thing you know, we’ll pull lists will do the text blasts, you know, skip trace will do the text blast will, you know, try to gauge some activity that way with and that’s obviously more of the acquisition finding sellers and things of that nature. Um, we’ll see if we can pull the cash buyers to, you know, contact them. So it’s just it’s a multitude of different stuff just to start conversating right, then through enough conversations you start, you know, purchasing some apples straw, right? And now these are people now you just fine tune a little bit, that now we start Okay, can we look at properties can we get going to you know, can we do this? Can we do this? You know, and then obviously, you know, the offer game starts right in between all that you got to figure out well, what the hell am I going to do? Like, am I wholesaling? are we keeping those rentals? Am I flipping it? Am I looking for seller financing. So obviously as you start seeing the inventory, and you start seeing where the opportunity lies, then we tend to sway on which direction we’re kind of going. Um, and obviously if there’s room all involved in Then you got the contractor deal? Who in the world am I going to hire to remodel this house here?

Gabriel Petersen 16:06
There’s us the most is finding a good contract. estate, it’s harder, it’s hard enough in state 31

Al Philip Neri 16:12
out of state. Correct. So in Denver, obviously, I have all my own subs, right, everybody that does everything I controls, schedule, pay, you know, I kind of act like the GC and I’m not a contractor. But you know, just from flipping so long you learned enough out of state that can tend to be a little bit more difficult. So that’s when you’re relying on you know, other people’s connections, right, the realtor. I mean, anybody you’re meeting, you know, if they go to the investor club, and you got to start vetting people out, which is, you know, can be extremely difficult. Um, one of the little tactics I’ve used before that is for quite well is I posted like, contractor open house. So I’ll say, Hey, you know, we’re, you know, we’re set to Close on this property next Tuesday, we’ve got a contractors all through this Thursday, from nine to 11. And you know, all then that boots on the ground person, that realtor somebody, I’ll have somebody just go stand there for two hours. And I would have, I would already in my mind, I’ve got an idea of what I want to do per se, correct. And then what I’ll do is all I’ll have contractors respond, and they’ll say, well, please respond with some, you know, more recent photos of your finished work. Well, everybody knows now, especially with like phones, like, people are taking pictures, they’re taking a video of the house. So you know, I’ll kind of I’ll get to a point where I can figure out when the date was, I’m picking up some guys are showing pictures from like, 2009 you’re like, what have you been doing for the last since then? Like, yeah, I want to see pictures from like a week ago, or a month ago or three months ago, right? So I’ll kind of look through that I won’t ever give the address. What I do is in my post, I’ll put the elementary school Which in everybody’s head gives somewhat of an idea where the house is at so they can figure out geographically does it work and what part of town they like to work in, you know, things that nature, then when they kind of respond back and I look through the pictures, I’ll say, Okay, cool. Well, you know, I’d love to have you come out Thursday morning, you know, my business partner, Courtney is going to be there. For example, that’s a realtor in Georgia, we have, you know, please get there, she’s got kind of a list of things that I would, you know, definitely like to get done, feel free to call me I’ll be on standby. You know, if you have any questions while we’re there, while you’re there, you know, I’ll be available and I make myself available virtually. And then basically, I’ll give the address and people you know, they’ll show up and, you know, people will start bidding the job, but, you know, things of that nature, and I’ve had a lot of success doing that. Again, it’s a little bit that is

Gabriel Petersen 18:51
that’s really unique. And it’s a good idea because I usually I mean, when I’ve done it, I’ve scheduled individual walkthroughs with contractors but it just it’s a time suck. So going to take that open house idea that realtors use for buyers you I mean if you do the work and you get it all done at once that’s

Al Philip Neri 19:10
good you know like they’re like oh this is bullshit you know like I didn’t know five other guys are going to be here like our mentor chose to give me a bid or you can take off yeah I don’t why would you think that I was going to hire you like come on man you

Gabriel Petersen 19:21
and it you’re establishing the precedent that yes I mean you are bidding against other contractors I do want your best bid

Al Philip Neri 19:29
right and then I’ve learned you know there’s going to be a guy that super high there’s going to be a guy that super low never go with the guy super low because change overs are coming on for scenes are coming Oh, he didn’t know that you wanted him to check all the windows will idiot Of course I want you to check all the windows running. Like windows need to open and close. Right? So you just start you know, kind of getting through there. It does obviously help if you’ve got some sort of personal validation, right the realtor or people in the investor group is like, hey, these guys have done a really good job. For a lot of people in the city, they understand the game, they know what’s needed, you know, things that nature. Um, I personally like, I personally, if I and there have been cities where I control subs from a distance, obviously, you just get way better pricing because the minute you get the guy in the middle that you know is aka like babysitting the whole project, he’s, he’s gonna make a killing on you. Versus again, if you’ve got a really good realtor, or a really good boots on the ground person that wants to learn and can make sure people are showing up. And they’ve got, they’ve got a brain, you can teach them how to be the project manager, and that’s their role. Yep. That’s their role you teach them and that’s their role. And that’s how they’re earning their money out of the deal. That that’s their role is, hey, I need you to babysit this. Make sure you know, I need you to go by four times a week, even here in Denver with guys that I trust guys that have worked with me for years. I still go to our houses four times a week, five times a week, and it’s not a power and control thing. It’s it’s checking in with them making sure they know to call if just an unforeseen comes up. Like send them

Gabriel Petersen 21:07
things happen. You just never know. I mean,

Al Philip Neri 21:09
it’s just checking in with people. And I’ll tell you guys who have a lot of pride in their work. They want to show you what they’ve done. Yep, they want to show you every little thing they’ve done. And you know what, you just have to go one by one with each guy in the house, and he’s gonna walk you through and show you what he’s done. Because he’s proud of his work. It’s like an artist to some degree. And so you just have to respect the fact that the guy is proud of how he painted or how he did the plumbing or how would you know what, you just roll with it? Yeah, you just roll with it respect the fact that he gives a shit. Yeah, many people that don’t. Yeah,

Gabriel Petersen 21:43
I’m 100% on board with that you’re there. I mean, anybody that contributes to a project that you’re working on, you gotta you gotta give them props because they’re doing work and, and just showing them that you appreciate what they’re, what they’ve done and how they’ve contributed really just adds the entire experience so. So I love what you’ve given out. So far, this is really good. Good advice for everybody listening. Sheep time is going way too fast. I’m going to ask a few quick questions. And then we’re going to shift out of your bread and butter, you know how you’re running your business. So real quick, if you have, I’m sure you use a ton of tools in your arsenal, what is the one like software tool that you would use or that you’d suggest other people pick up in their own real estate game?

Unknown Speaker 22:33

Al Philip Neri 22:38
there’s a few and they go hand in hand, though, is

you you have to have a way to get leads. Yep. So I don’t care if it’s Facebook ads, but where are you zapping those into, right? You got to have some sort of, you know, you pull a list, whether it’s 10, close to your bachelor’s, I mean, wherever you’re pulling your stuff from. You got to have some sort of software to do that. They need to have a software to somewhat skip trace or contact. Correct whether it’s text blasts, direct mail, retargeting, that doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’ve got to have some sort of software there. And then obviously, deal evaluation. Um, I use my phone. All right, all right. I like cops come from the realtor, not from Zillow, not from Redfin. I mean, you know, I’m very tight on my comps, right? Um, and then I just, I track every house on Microsoft Excel. I know, there’s tons of software’s out there and things of that nature, and it can budget this and it can estimate this and it can do that. For me. I just, I use Excel. It’s very simple. It’s very black and white. It’s easy to manage. Um,

Gabriel Petersen 23:48
and I’m the same way. I mean, I’ve got tools, but my favorite is Excel.

Al Philip Neri 23:52
Yeah. So I would say, you know, get proficient and you know, there’s so many tools out there and they’ll all give you Get a free run and this and that. And you can sometimes just get overwhelmed by watching webinar after webinar demo call after demo call, and you just you don’t really know, like, where to go. Like, instead of just again, doing the business, you’re wasting your time. You know, trying to have these perfect tools, just just grind a little bit, man, pick up the phone text, you later, it’s a

Gabriel Petersen 24:23
second person on the show that said, that’s good. I’ve asked, you know, the tool and they said, No, just just pick up the phone. Yeah, don’t worry about the tools just pick up the phone, just like that. So now we’re going to fully shift Oh, shift away from, you know, kind of how you’re running your business. And I kind of want to hear a little bit more about your experiences and your stories. So you’ve been doing this for over 20 years, what has been basically the hardest thing you’ve experienced so far in real estate getting started. What’s the biggest obstacle that you’ve had to overcome

Al Philip Neri 25:05
I would Well, well, I’d say there’s two things. I’m learning how to trust other people that are many miles away. And just realizing that there are there are good people out there don’t want to do a good job and they won’t steal from you and things of that nature. But you you know, but then there’s the flip side of that, right? There’s definitely guys that won’t do a good job and that will steal from you. So just kind of learning learning the trust process and that and, and, you know, who who can you trust in this in this process? Um, probably one of the biggest difficult things I ever had was, we were doing a condo conversion. It was a very, very old like 1870s building historic district was a maternity hospital at one point and I had I had done Just under about 50 remodels with the with the contractor. And we were now jumping into something a lot bigger a lot, lot, lot bigger. And I was like this, you know, this guy’s good man. I mean, we’ve got a good good track record good relationship, we work well together. And he included his brother in law. And his brother in law was not of the same ethics or integrity. We ended up in a two and a half year lawsuit.

Two and a half year lawsuit. nobody wins, man.

Gabriel Petersen 26:37
Nobody knows your energy drains out.

Al Philip Neri 26:39
I mean, just just money depositions court. Yep. I mean, just in a just two and a half years so so there again. I had met the brother in law one time and never had a good vibe from him. Just kind of that gut sense street smart thing and I had no idea that brother was going to be involved, or I probably would have my red flag radar would have gone up and been like, Well wait, why is he involved? I don’t really like him. Um, he doesn’t give me a good thought but didn’t find out until way too late in the project that that guy was going to be kind of instrumental in managing the money. Gotcha.

Gabriel Petersen 27:18
So the lesson there is

Al Philip Neri 27:20
this image. Right?

Gabriel Petersen 27:24
So the lesson there is trying to learn to and learn who to trust in the transaction, correct, right. It’s kind of on the flip side of that what has been either the individual project or just kind of like the stretch of projects, what’s been the most enjoyable part about real estate about being in real estate and doing flips, all that stuff?

Al Philip Neri 27:45
Um, so we’ve done a lot of houses across the country and in lower lower income cities, lower demographic areas, parts of town, um, and that’s beyond the rental. That’s actually Like, fix and flip where, you know, people might buying a house for 60 grand, or in Denver, like the one I’m listing tomorrow is 275. And that’s entry level. Does that make sense? Um, and it’s just delivering still a good home, um, where it’s done right? And we still put granite and we still put stainless and we still make it look super sexy. Like just like we do the half million dollar flip. There’s no difference in the quality of work or the or the look, no matter what the price point and you know, people will be like, You’re nuts, man, why do you do have it? That’s great. And I’m just like, I mean, they’re, they’re humans, right? They have kids, they have their neighborhood may suck. It may be very unsafe, it may be highly traumatic, right. But when they get home, they know they’ve got a beautiful home kind of thing. And I think I think that’s probably some of the most rewarding stuff. And we do that quite often. It’s it’s just a It’s weird as it sounds, it’s a it’s a price point that we have been very successful at, in in those neighborhoods. And if it works for us, it works for us. You know, there’s challenges that come with remodeling a house and the neighborhoods do. But you know, again, it works for us. And I think when you see someone who buys that house, he’s worked so hard, and this is even, you know, this even translates to my realtor world. When you see someone who’s worked so hard, whether they have to use downpayment assistance or not, you have to negotiate closing costs, but they’ve just like they never believe they would own a home in America, whether they were American, whether from another country, it doesn’t really make a difference. But like, this is like their ultimate goal, their ultimate dream, their ultimate sense of accomplishment, is then buying a home in America, when you when you see the look on their faces of them doing that. That’s powerful, man. It’s powerful. Whether I was the realtor or whether I was the flipper, you know, it’s a powerful feeling to know that you’re like, wow, this is This might be this family’s greatest accomplishment at this time. You know, were two people who have you know, more income, better jobs, more education, better family, whatever the case is buying a home. It’s just kind of a normal thing. Right? It’s still exciting. But, you know, it’s exciting to buy a home, but there’s nothing special to buying a home. Right? It’s just right. Right? Your daddy gave you the downpayment. It’s Yeah, right, right. Right. Right. Right. Right. So very, very different. So I would say that’s probably the most powerful thing and I think that’s why you know, even as a realtor an investor at least, I still love those neighborhoods.

Still still still love those neighborhoods. So

Gabriel Petersen 30:46
I am being able to to deliver a product that you’re proud of to people who really appreciate it. That’s there really isn’t anything better than that. So I am with you on there. Alright, so now we’re going to shift in shift one more time shift gears and we’re going to to kind of talk a little bit about your performance coaching side of things, I want to know what habit contributes? I mean, I’m sure you say you do, you do a coaching group. So what habit contributes the most to your success and to the success of your clients in your, in your pupils.

Al Philip Neri 31:16
Got it. So 2012 when I was on the road, I, you know, I started in 2010. And I would open up every workshop with what I considered my own curriculum, right, which was I didn’t have it labeled as my own curriculum, which is now a formula for a balanced life. But I just had things just through my own path, mentors, things I read, speakers I heard, and I kind of put my own day one hour one presentation together, that would set the stage for what was going to be the next three days and as you know, it’s all about mindset and life and putting things into perspective. But you know, it wasn’t your aka typical visit board and put a million are mentioned in the Guardian, like $20 million yacht and I’m like, oh, Lord, that’s, that’s, that’s overwhelming to most people, right? So what I did is I taught it for two years straight. And the feedback was great. And people were like, why don’t you do something with this? And I was like, Dude, what? And they were like, like, do something like, create something out of it, like, make it its own product. And, you know, there were people that will come in these classes, you know, that, you know, PhDs, physicians, attorneys, you know, I mean, very, you know, highly educated people. And they were like, Come on now, like, do something with this is a very unique spin on this stuff. And we’ve been to a lot of presentations. So 2012 basically, I decided I was just going to write a book. So I wrote the book formal for a balanced life is very easy read, more than happy to give it to your readers for free as an E book too. And it’s a very simple read about how do you balance money, time health, fun protection, giving back enhancements support and why and how do you get those to work synergistically. in your life, and how do you scale to getting those two functions synergistically in your life? So wrote the book, because everyone would be like, I don’t quite understand how you do everything you do. You know, because I have kids, I coach at a high school, I coached, you know, I have my own gym with fighters, you know, things that nature, like, Dude weird, like, do you ever sleep to do it? Right and, and I was like, No, I just work very efficiently, very fast. And I don’t take a lot of time to make a decision to move forward. So long story short, I kept teaching, teaching, teaching teaching as I was speaking, and then kind of ran into some coaches like high level executive coaches. That was like Hey, have you have you ever tried to monetize you? And I was like, not really. And they were like you should. You have a very unique background you should. But every coach I was working with took me back to real estate coaching, real estate coaching. Really estate coaching. It’s what you’re good at Real Estate coaching. I was like, but there’s a billion guys that do real estate coaching. Right? And you know, and they’re, and they’re all good, right? Some are super expensive, some are super cheap, right? You know, that kind of stuff. And I was like, but I think my passion falls around like my book and just creating elite performance within others. So finally, find a guy that kind of took my very convoluted brain and started making me streamline some stuff of where I wanted to go. So hence, um, you know, I mean, it looks in a Ph. D program for performance psychology. I’ve now created a workbook from my book, an actual structured workbook.

And then, you know, so for example, like, you know, I’m running a five week group coaching right now. And what I did is I took the nine principles, created the workbook, broke it up over five weeks sessions, and that’s what I’m going through in detail with people, and then you know, we do a one on one consultation at the end. So you know, because there’s things that are private to people that they might not want to share in a zoo, but when we’re done there’s things that they want to kind of expand on or maybe where the focus is. And it’s and this is people from all walks of life that are that are in this you know, in this group. So and then I you know, I’ve done individual coaching on the same same thing because really, your whole work breaks down in one of those nine pillars correct. money to the Health Fund, protecting, getting back, enhance plus, for the whole world, your whole life falls into one of those nine pillars. And so it’s just it’s figuring out okay, where where do you need the most help? or assistance? Um, you know, Correct, correct. And I’m a very, you know, like I’m trying to brand myself as per se an inspirational personality. Like I’m, I’m a good big picture guy on stage that can just kind of build belief in sincerity because I don’t feel like I’m anything special. You per se, you know, a you know, and that’s what I really, really enjoy doing. Because, you know, people are like, what are you going to do when you have a PhD? You know, you have more experience and a lot of guys have a PhD even at coaching and speaking. But you know, when I kind of started, you know, looking at like Eric Thomas’s life and it just opens doors, it opens doors that I don’t even know exist yet. Correct. I mean, I don’t know the doors until I finish

Gabriel Petersen 36:26
those little letters. I mean, it. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it makes a difference people I mean, for one, you did put the time and you’ve learned the curriculum. So yeah. That was great.

Al Philip Neri 36:39
Yeah, and I think it took combat, I think it’s a little different to like, you know, a lot of people that get PhDs they, you know, they do undergrad, they go masters, they go PhD right away, but they don’t have any sort of life experience. It’s all research based on articles and you shadowed somebody for four hours and kind of detached from reality. Right? You know, I did my undergrad. I worked for We’re probably like, seven, eight years. And I did my master’s degree. Right. And I finished my Master’s in 2001. And now, you know, I’m back into education again. So it’s all those life experiences all my different businesses, my successes, my failures, you that’s what candidates like, when they say, you know, research about performance psychology. I can be my own. My own my own research. That makes sense, like, so going

Gabriel Petersen 37:31
back to it if what was the one like very, very concrete habits that you you would suggest other people implement in their own lives to to see, you know, that leap in performance that they’d like to see?

Al Philip Neri 37:46
Yeah, got it. Uh, and I apologize for that. So

Gabriel Petersen 37:49
no worries. Quit making excuses. Quit making excuses. That’s good. I like that because that’s, that really is what prevents most people from actually Taking action is something pops up in their brain they’re like

Al Philip Neri 38:03
man but

Gabriel Petersen 38:04
maybe I shouldn’t be doing this because this you know because this reason that reason well that

Al Philip Neri 38:08
time it’s too expensive. Oh my god how am I gonna learn that? Oh my god there’s probably tons of people that failed. Oh my god Oh those are all just get up get out of your way Get out of your own way. Yeah get out of your way

Gabriel Petersen 38:22
I like it you know unfortunately we are at the end our time here you have a ton of good good knowledge that you’ve been sharing with us so I wish we could have gone longer maybe we’ll have you brought you back in the future but until then how can listeners get and listeners of yours get in contact with you? And and in the world of real estate, what is it that you can share and that you would like people to bring for you? Yeah,

Al Philip Neri 38:47
um, so getting in contact with me. On website alpha Neri calm, you know, my email is alpha So nothing complicated

Gabriel Petersen 38:57
notes for for everybody.

Al Philip Neri 38:59
You And but one of the probably the easiest ways is if they just follow me on Facebook, I have an outflow nary performance coaching page. And I do a lot of videos, they can come in, they can download the book. And then once they come into that world, I’ll connect them to my Phillip Neri Real Estate Group page, my team hybrid page. So the URL for that page will link them up into the real estate pages. That then, you know, we do a lot of videos and things of that nature. And they can again, they can contact me, you know, if they’re inquisitive about coaching or anything they can, they can definitely ask things that nature. Um, you know, I think the final question was, what, what would I want people like, what what I want your audience to contribute to me kind of thing is that,

Gabriel Petersen 39:51
yeah, if somebody if somebody like what kind of kind of deals that you’re looking for that people can bring

Al Philip Neri 39:55
you anything. So, I mean, in Denver, we’re always looking for Good fixin flips with real numbers, a real ARV and a real rehab and, and things of that nature so we’re always looking for that. I’m also I’ve in the in the last month or so I’ve spent a lot of mental energy on just basically leveraging the use of seller financing for cash flow for cash flowing properties. So you know if anybody you know there’s a lot of sellers that are like they’re freaking out, they don’t know if they should sell. Maybe it doesn’t make sense for them to sell the kind of you know, they like the payments you know, things of that nature. I would, I would, you know, welcome the opportunity to look at at anything the, you know, in the world of seller financing because someone is they just don’t want the responsibility because they have no idea what’s going to happen with Coronavirus or interest rates going to be 99% is value is going to draw, you know, they’re like out but at least if I’m on the hook, then That’s my problem. Right? It’s not their problem anymore. It’s my problem. So I know there’s a lot of people in the country, um, you know, that are, you know, maybe they were mom and pop star landlords and they were landlords by default because they got married and it wasn’t the right time to sell, you know, the other half house and things of that nature and they’re like, Oh my god, what? And then of course, when renters were told, you don’t really have to pay if you’re struggling because you can’t be evicted. All of a sudden, they’re like, what do you mean I was only making $10 a month, how’s it gonna get paid, you know, things of that nature. Again, we would love the opportunity to you know, look at anything like that, where it’s minimal money out of our pocket where we can, but we can remove the headache, leverage them for the seller, financing, protect them, re you know, re establish with the with the tenant, things of that nature. I personally think there’s actually a huge market for that right now. I think there’s a huge market for that right now. Now, um, and because what that mom Paul wants is they just need to be mentally free. It’s not really even about the money. They just think mentally free stress. Correct. So this led us mentally for you and will take on the headache, potential headache or whatever. Either one either one of those would be would be absolutely great right now.

Gabriel Petersen 42:21
Okay. Well, I’ll again, thank you very much for coming on the show. I really I mean, I’m sure I can speak for everybody listening and watching that we appreciate the knowledge that you shared with us. And for anybody who wants to get in contact with owl go to alpha married calm or his Facebook page. Other than that, thank you guys for watching and until the next time



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