From Restaurant Owner to 1,000+ Apartments with Gino Barbaro | The Real Estate Investing Club #40

From Restaurant Owner to 1,000+ Apartments with Gino Barbaro | The Real Estate Investing Club #40

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Hello and welcome to another episode of The Real Estate Investing club. Place investors go to learn tips, tricks and stories from other investors in the field. If you feel we provide value to you go ahead and hit that thumbs up, share whatever it may be. And if you’d like for us to cover a specific topic, let us know in the comments or reach out to us on our website. Today we have a very special guest. So buckle up, grab your pen and paper and enjoy the ride.

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All right, and we’re live. Awesome. Gino, thank you for joining us today. How you doing? Dave? I’m doing great and there is no better place to be than the real estate investing club. One of my favorite types of clubs my friend got to let you know that.

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I love the plug. I love the plug. Awesome to get us started. Why don’t you tell everybody listening, watching who you are, where you’re from and how you got started in real estate in the first place.

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Sure, I think Gabe before we start I think two things first thing really I’m honored to be on the show. I appreciate you inviting me on, share the message. The second thing I think is the theme for the podcast should be done is better than perfect. That’s thinking everybody just wait. And then we figure it out. Tech dummies over here we figured out let’s try this live streaming thing and it’s gonna work and that’s what I think life’s all about don’t get into the analysis paralysis you need to figure it out. You need to take some massive education but then it’s got to be followed by action. Right we can educate ourselves all we want Gabe can be sitting over there looking at this live stream How does it work? Sooner or later you have to hit the button take that massive action and you’re going to get results the actions may not get you the results you want but that’s what learning is all about. That’s what shedding your ego and finding others and helping others to help you down the path is all about and I held Gabe accountable I said Gabe we’re gonna make this happen today. So he figured it out, hit the button and here we are. So the reason

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the reason Gino said that is this is the first time we’re actually going live. This is the first attempt Add it and it looks like it is working. So it is going to be released everywhere it is normally released on the podcast on YouTube. But Facebook customers you guys are you’re first in line you’re seeing us live so glad to have you here. So he had you know, take us away who you are where you’re from, how you got started in real estate.

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Well I am from New York left New York three years ago I immigrated membranes were going to say down to Florida, and I saw it I saw the Coronavirus happening that’s what happened. I said I’m leaving New York and I wish I did I wish I was that smart. I wish I had that crystal ball but I didn’t I just said to myself, I don’t want to be in New York. I don’t want to be with the high taxes or I don’t want to be with snowing I don’t want to be where the cost of living and everything and I decided and we have a great system if you don’t like living in a state you can move. best country in the planet. At least that’s my opinion. People are still moving here. The opportunity here is amazing. I was in the restaurant business for over 20 years. I had a mom and pop place with my where my parents back in 94. I graduated college and we bought the restaurant. And I loved it did it for about 20 years. Back in 2007 my dad passed away my one of my big inflection points in life looking back at it now, you know Father’s Day had just passed and I’m thinking about it. When he passed away something was taken from me, you know, I mean, I worked my dad since I was eight years old the restaurant it was part of my life. It was part of his dream and it was part of my dream but I think it was more of his dream than mine. And I love it I liked it but Oh, he comes and I really looking back in and out Oh, it is very similar to the pandemic right now. How are you reacting to the pandemic? Is it a problem or an opportunity? We’ve seen a lot of opportunities out of it in back in oh eight. It was a huge problem the Great Recession for me but there was also an opportunity to really step up my game and why is the person that gave Peterson making millions of bucks and you know, it’s not it’s there’s got to be reasons why people are successful other not and I want to know why. And I really dove into personal development. I dove into coaching. I look for a mentor in real estate and I wanted multifamily. I wanted to make quote unquote passive income because I was working harder and making less and I sold multifamily real estate is that vehicle I had crapped out on a single asset on a mobile home park. I had crapped out on a mixed use building took me 10 years to get out of that deal. And really not enough education or massive action, but I didn’t have the education. So that’s when I decided to double down. And I just also said to myself, am I building my dad’s dream? Or am I building my dream I was really really, really honest with myself, I dove into personal development went to become a certified life coach. That was a real turning point in my life because I got clarity. I finally figured out and focused on what I wanted, not what I didn’t want. And I wanted that passive income. I wanted that financial freedom but I wanted the lifestyle right where we build our businesses for our lifestyles, instead of building our lifestyles for our businesses and I want to real estate multifamily specifically to be really for lifestyle so I could move to Florida. I could go to the beach. I can be at a podcast with Gabe at three o’clock and then go to the beach, my kids right after right and work on Saturday or decide not to and that’s one of the things I think that multifamily or real estate lense to you if you have the vision and you have you have the goals and the clarity. And obviously for me one of the biggest parts was meeting Jake back in 2011. Partnering with him, having that instant mastermind, that instant accountability partner that instant buddy, that really helped me out through a lot of this and sharing resources sharing that you know, the ups and the downs, because if you don’t have enough reasons, reasons, reap rewards. If you don’t have enough of those reasons, all of a sudden, something happens like the pandemic and you’re like, well, I’m out, right? No for us, we’ve doubled down and we’ve gotten smarter. And we’ve actually made more money during the pandemic. And we’ve seen opportunities, we’ve been able to work on personal development work on our internal systems. And it’s all the way you look at something when you look at something a certain way and you can look at it a different way. Man, it really changes everything for you.

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I love it. There were so many awesome gems in there. So I want to kind of you know, try to summarize what you just said. For everybody listening watching. It sounds like so you started out in New York City. It was you know, high taxes. Cost of living through the roof. So you decided to leave that and go down to Florida. And before that you were working in restaurants with your dad for 20 years starting in 1994. And then in 2007, you know, tragically, your dad passed away, and you started, you know, looking around, you’re thinking, Okay, what do I need to do? This is not the path for me. I need to find a different way to earn a living, I need to find an easier, not easier, but a better way to learn to earn a living. And at that point, you kind of got into real estate you kind of started looking into it. multifamily has has cropped up as the thing that you that it really hits home for what you’re looking for. And you got there through all the education that you’ve given yourself, the self development that you’ve done. And one thing Well, a few things kind of popped out. You mentioned mobile home parks that you you kind of you that you did a foray into mobile home parks, and that’s really interesting because mobile home and RV parks is kind of what me and my partners are focusing on right now.

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Dude, great niche you guys you guys focus on because RVs are the way to go because the baby boomers are selling out. They want to actually jump in an RV and tour they can go anywhere they want. That’s going to be an amazing space. It’s a fragmented space because a lot of mom and pops is no one. It’s like Self Storage was 10 years ago, there weren’t that many big operators are really fragmented. And mobile home is sort of the same way. I think mobile home has less supply on there, but I mess up the mobile home parks, it wasn’t because of the niche. You mess up in multifamily. It’s not because of the niche, right? It’s because you don’t know what the hell you’re doing in it. I didn’t know what I was doing because I didn’t know due diligence. I partner with somebody who was terrible. But ultimately, everyone on here we need to take responsibility for our own actions re t harv eker. His book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind go to the Jake and Gino podcast. listen to the podcast we did with him. I read that book back in oh seven. I wanted to vomit. I felt like punching him in the face. Right? But then I read it again and I’m like, Damn, this guy is so right. And you know you get that feeling when you’re reading you’re like wow He’s right, because it’s all about responsibility. It’s all about our fruits are coming from our roots. How much work do you want to do? How much do you want to learn? It’s not about anybody else. It’s about taking personal responsibility. And if you want to make a million dollars a year, you need to set your financial thermostat to a million dollars if you want to make 100,000 needs to set it to 100,000. Now that’s simplification that’s oversimplified. But we all have that a process and our behaviors are belief driven. So if we believe that we can make 100 grand a year, hey, listen, no offense, whether you’re a Trump supporter or a Trump hater, he’s a billionaire, his financial thermostat set to billions and people can say, Well, he went bankrupt, bla bla bla, he is a billionaire. He decided to be a billionaire. Now, he might have started out with a lot more money than everybody else, but still have a lot of other people and they’ve lost it. So my whole thought process to that is it’s all about what you want and there’s no right or wrong answer. Whatever you want for your life is great for you. I wanted to get into my what we call the third phase of financial freedom. I want to be able to write a check and say, Hey, Gabe, not come see me. I’ll make sure Here’s 20 grant come and see me I want that type of financial freedom. I don’t need to buy a yacht, I don’t need to make $17 million a year. That’s not where my that’s not where my significance or where my where my growth and contribution is, that’s fine for me. I’m not looking to gain that. So I don’t need to buy 20,000 units. I just want to continue on my path. So I challenge everybody out there. Figure out what you want in your life. become clear on what you want in your life. Hire a life coach and work on yourself. start peeling back that onion, it’s really uncomfortable. It’s really difficult to do that’s why most people don’t do it. 95% of people who retire retire broke. I know everyone on this podcast are the remaining 5% we’re gonna retire with abundance because we’re on podcasts. We listen, we work on ourselves. We plan ultimately, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about planning. You know, proper planning presents, prevents piss poor performance. It’s so true. If we’re not if we don’t plan and we don’t really think about what we want in life. It’s just gonna be random and we can really focus on what we want. In life,

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I love it. I love it. And a big theme of everything that you just said is personal responsibility. One of the people that I used to when I was really into personal development, I still am love personal development. But um, there was a period of my life when I was really like 100% focused on reading those kind of books, and one of the authors was Steve Chandler, and he had this quote where it was he was saying, or shoot, I’m gonna, I’m gonna butcher it here. Oh, he’s saying no one is coming. He said, it’s 100% up to you. You have to go into it with a mindset that no one is coming to save you, you You’re the results are your responsibility, and you can’t expect anyone else to bring them to you. You have to go out there and meet them. So I’d love that, you know, you share that mindset as well.

Gino Barbaro 10:42
Gabe, isn’t that scary, though? At the same time, that’s scary for people out there. But it’s also empowering, because when we have that mindset, we have responsibility, but we have choices. And we can actually are masters of our own fate. We don’t have to wait for the government to swoop in and give us a check during this pandemic. I will tell you what I am focused 100% on career trying to create Financial Intelligence because people with Financial Intelligence can change the world for the better. During this pandemic, if you had a few months of money saved aside, if you had a little bit of cushion, you could take a couple months off and not stress out. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t have that Financial Intelligence that have tons of debt, that’s through slavery. I don’t care what anybody says, if you are financially incompetent, or you can’t have any money saved, and you’re spending more, that’s a real that you have no choices in life, that that’s gonna pull you have to go to work. Whereas during this pandemic, the last three months that I have to go to work, no, but I love to go to work because I’m able to create so much in there’s so much opportunity, and when you don’t have to go to work for money, all of a sudden money ends up showing up. I had a mentor who said to me, you know some people all they have is money. Some people how did he actually say he said some people are so poor, all they have is money. And it’s ironic how poor people all they think about is money. People who are wealthy or financially free. I’m not thinking about getting up in the morning and making money. I’m getting up in the morning and thinking about how to create value for our education students, for our residents, for our investors, and for our community. That’s what my focus is and the more value that I create, the more money that I make. And it’s counterintuitive to a lot of people who haven’t been in business for years. But that’s the bottom line. I’m sure you’ve heard of Zig Ziglar, his quote, you know, you give enough people what they want, you’re gonna get everything that you want. And it’s so hard when you’re stuck in the rat race, and you have to make that money. You have to pay those bills, what are you focusing on, you’re focusing on yourself, but once you become financially free, and you’re like, you know, I can jump on a cold game and I can help him out. And I don’t need to get paid, well, what’s going to happen you keep helping 10 or 15 or 20 games in the world, they’re all going to want to help you and they’re all gonna want to introduce you to their friends, and all of a sudden, it starts snowballing. But it really is a mindset. It really is ultimately taking that responsibility.

Gabriel Petersen 12:47
I know I loved everything you just said because I mean, in my experience in life, money really is a funny thing because you don’t have any, you your automatic urge or your instinct is to do All the things that push money away like you, you just go out there and you focus on money and you just like want to get it and you do everything you can to find it. But the problem is you’re focusing on the money you’re not focusing on what you’re actually doing. And once you have it you know it’s it can either be money as either a slave it’s the biggest slavery or it’s the biggest aspect of freedom because once you have it the money itself just kind of drops away You’re not focused on the money itself. you’re focused on the the actions and, and the results of your actions in society. So,

Gino Barbaro 13:31
okay, that’s a great point. I mean, I love to get share story with everybody real quick. That’s why multifamily is really a difficult niche for some people. It’s not the shiny object syndrome, don’t think you’re gonna get rich in six months or 12 months or 18 months or 224 months. It’s really long game. You know, my father was from Italy. He left because he was a farmer there. You know, you plant a seed, you hope it grows multifamily is the same way. You’ve got to do a lot of work and personal developments the same way on the front end everyone pictures You got to plant the seed, you got to hope you have really fertile soil, you’ve got to tend to seed you have to start planning it, watering it, you have to pull the weeds, you have to make sure it grows properly, you pray to God that there’s no storms and there’s no frost or whatever. And then hopefully, three to six months later you have a crop. It’s the same thing with multifamily, you buy the asset, you nurture it, you make sure that the noi you can raise it, you make sure everything’s going well, and then what happens a pandemic hits and it ruins all your plans. That’s why you really have to have a contingency, you have to have that long game mindset, and that you will persevere and then you know what we’ve been able to refi our money and pull it out and get into the next deal and reinvest. And that’s what I think multifamily and entrepreneurship is really to continue to grow your skill set and continue to pivot the visions, they’re the visions that are refi the property or sell the property at a profit. You’re going to take different paths to it. But ultimately the vision doesn’t change your ability to do it does and I think having that mindset of the long game is really hard for us because we’re adopting the we’re instant gratification kind of society right now. That’s one of the two of the problems, I think the lack of responsibility. And that instant gratification, everything’s so easy. You can buy something on Amazon and have it two days later. I mean, whereas years ago, you it was just so much more difficult to do things. It’s great in one way because you become so much more efficient. But in another way, everything’s so much easier. And you know, in life, to build yourself up and to work on yourself, it’s a lot harder, you got to put a lot of hours into building a business into building a successful real estate Empire. And to do that takes a lot of hard work.

Gabriel Petersen 15:28
Absolutely, I couldn’t I mean, I wouldn’t disagree with anything you just said. So I’m right on board with you there. So I want to go back to your story just a little bit. Just backtrack a little bit. You were talking in 2011, you met your partner, and that kind of changed. It was a big turning point in your in your story that is your real estate career. You know, a lot of I found myself that I work much better when I’m with partners. So kind of go into, you know, doing it on your own and then having the experience of having a partner by your side and how did that kind of change the dynamic of your business. And, and and how are you are going forward in, in your in your goals?

Gino Barbaro 16:04
That’s a great question. You know everyone picture this. It’s 2009 and I’m sitting in the kitchen. My brother walked in with this guy, guys got a suit and tie on. I’m like, Hey, what’s going on? I’m Jake. Hey, Jake and Gino. I’m cooking Jake’s chicken. Isn’t that recipe named after you? He’s like, yeah, I’m like, I don’t even have a name after my own restaurant. You got your own. My brother’s really good friends with him. So I’m cooking Jake’s chicken there. And he’s a pharmaceutical rep. And, you know, well spoken young dude. Hard hustler worker. He would come in with a sheet. He’d have all his lunches laid out. I would know when he needed lunches. He was very diligent, really nice guy. I got along with him right away. So as far as the partnership goes, it was really value based decision making and our core values aligned. And then when I started talking to him, he’s like, I’m out in New York. I can’t stand the taxes up here. I hate the politics up here. I’m going to Knoxville Tennessee and I’m like, dude, I’m in New Yorker. Where’s Knoxville? Like, you know, we pull up the laptop and we whip out And I’m looking at deals This is 2011. And right before he left blank, Jake, when you get down there, just give me a call. Let’s start looking some deals. He had no idea about investing in real estate, he wants to start a gym. He was a personal trainer, but that was just soul sucking for him. And he couldn’t scale it. So same same scenario as me. He wanted to create some income on the side of what he was doing. So he gets down there, and I start coaching him up and you know, gave it it actually did take us a few months to find that first deal. He will he moved down there, everybody’s gotta listen to this, you know, he moved down there by himself for six months, his fiance at the time was living up there. So he was all alone. In a new state. He took a lateral transfer with this for this pharmaceutical company, and it was tough, it was stressful. She moves down, they end up buying house, we end up putting off the dream for a few months, but we still want to revisit it. That’s why it took us 18 months to find that first deal. We didn’t understand that brokers were the gatekeepers. We were treating brokers like they were doing us a favor when really they’re the ones with the keys to the castle. So learning that being able to show that we’re credible to close me able to show that we have a credibility book, a game plan really helped us close that first deal and help us close our second deal three months after that. But as far as partners goes, I mean, my big general consensus is if you can’t have a beer with a partner, and you don’t like him, or her, just don’t go into partnership, you could do a one deal one off, that’s fine. But I think ultimately, Listen, I’ve already spoken to Jake three times today, I’ve done videos with him, I’m probably going to be on the end of day huddle with him. I’m going to talk to him this weekend, two or three times. It’s really like almost like a marriage. And if you don’t like the person, it’s gonna be really hard. I think the other thing is really set up the expectations upfront. We’re both working with the time you know, I had the restaurant and he was working. When we bought our first property. He said I’m a property manager. He got paid 10%, the property manager that was the expectation, but he was doing work for that. We had expectations up front. I’m gonna do this. I’m do that we did everything together. And we didn’t complain about it. And as we started growing, there was no I’ve never had a call with my partner saying, You know what, I can’t make the call. Like I couldn’t make a call yesterday five. I excuse myself. Like, dude, I got a coaching call the student. He’s like, gotcha, bro. I mean and same thing with today I’m doing this podcast, he’s doing his thing. So partners really shouldn’t be looking over their shoulders and saying Why weren’t you there you pick you pick your partner up when you’re having a rough time and that was you know, you know quick story on that when we first took over the properties Jake wasn’t an entrepreneur he was just winging it like everybody else and I had experience with crappy vendors. I had experience with crappy residents. You know, resident a, an employee stole some money, and I’m like, Jake, best thing in the world you know, like life story Goodfellas or Bronx tale. He owes you 100 bucks, best hundred bucks. Just let him go. And Jake, you know, at the time young guy, I’m gonna go after me. I’m like, you want to rock through your window, you want the guy to just let the guy go. So talking that through with a partner gone and that’s just a small little story. But whenever you have a situation whether it’s a cable contract coming through or doing a $3 million refi should we sell it should we not sell. Having that open ended conversation where you’re throwing ideas really helps the partnership and having more money. thoughts going through it’s really about the mastermind is really what Napoleon Hill talks about is that unique mastermind we’re able to speak and, and, you know, lock in with other people. That’s what partnership should be all about. There should be no ego because I’m really working my butt off for his family, and he’s working his butt off for my family. And I think that’s how partnerships should work. Don’t have the shiny object syndrome, stay in your lane expectations. And I think really focusing on what your core values are and value based decision making.

Gabriel Petersen 20:28
I love it. I love it. And I like that you’re kind of taking it on the perspective of I mean, you’re going into it as a marriage when you get a partner that I mean, you know, it’s not there’s no legal legal document like a marriage certificate, but it is that serious. I mean, you are. You’re, you’re you’re you’re tying your guys’s boats together, and so you really do need to be able to get beer with them. In fact, that’s the first thing that I did when I when I met my partners as we went out for beers. And so I I like that mentality. I like and and for everybody listening and watching, if you are looking for a partner, I would definitely, you know, if before you decide on one, they do need to pass the beer test because partners are their partners, they’re going to be there through there’s going to be ups, there’s going to be downs, and they’re the ones that are that you’re going to be talking to during those low periods. You’ve said, so many awesome things so far. So I really appreciate you being here. And unfortunately for the podcast, we do try to keep it to 20 to 25 minutes or button up on the end here. I wish we could go further. Before we leave, though, I do want to ask one last question. Everybody on the podcast, I always ask him this real estate, it’s a roller coaster, you go up you go down. So we’ve all been through the ups and downs, take us to a trough that you’ve had and give us the best lesson that you learned from that one.

Gino Barbaro 21:52
Oh, well. One of my troughs was when I bought the property mixed use property back in 2000 november of 2006 up in New York. shiny object didn’t really know about strip malls. I bought the property and it looked great. It was one of those assets that it looked really nice numbers worked. But I didn’t know anything about three pillars of real estate. I didn’t know anything about what we call the market cycle. I didn’t know about debt. I didn’t know what the exit strategy, I just thought it was a great deal. And for 10 years was a big pain point for me, I ended up selling it at a loss, cut my losses, I lost a lot of money over half a million dollars in that deal. But you know, what best learning lesson because in 2008, it opened me up to multifamily. And I said, I don’t want to be competing with Amazon’s with a little strip mall. I learned all about market cycles. I learned all about how to select the market. I actually learned what a cap rate was. I mean, it was a very expensive lesson, but it’s one of those lessons in life that you need to go through. And for me, I really doubled down on my on selecting my asset class in my niche and also it was all about due diligence, really the three three pillars of due diligence which is the financial part and nothing about analyzing a deal. The physical part, the inspection, I did a terrible job and the legal part. I had illegal apartments, there was no water system in there, the chlorinator was shut off. There was no fire detectors, no smoke detectors. I had no CFOs and some of the apartments. So it was a really amazing learning lesson. And also, as far as if I had a partner, my partner would point that out. I had terrible team members, I had a terrible attorney, the architects was just as bad in my inspector was just as bad. But ultimately, it’s not their fault. It was me who hired them. So once again, responsibility by taking responsibility, and I and I had learned that story and that pain point, I sold it back in 2017, when I left New York, really propelled me to get into multifamily and to say, I want to do it the right way.

Gabriel Petersen 23:41
Awesome. I love it. So you bet. I mean, that’s such a good story because you sounds like it all boiled down to both experience and education. You You ran into a deal that you you know, you hadn’t had a lot of experience in your due diligence. And so you didn’t do the due diligence that you that you could be doing now, you would be doing now on any deal. You got into partnership with people who now you know, you understand that weren’t the best fit for you at that time. And then you’re you were kind of you weren’t in a niche, you weren’t in a focus you didn’t, you didn’t know your asset. And that’s so important when you’re when you’re deciding to start doing investing is to focus on one thing and not try to do everything because you can do everything, it’s definitely possible. But when you’re getting started, you really have to understand your asset class, you have to understand how it operates. And when you don’t, you know, there can be very difficult consequences for that so pivoted, you chose multifamily great niche and and, you know, ever since then, it sounds like you know, it’s never a smooth ride, but things have been, have been going the direction that you want. Well, you know, smooth rides gave a really boring so I mean, there’s a reason you want some challenges. I mean, a little slow, but if you don’t challenge yourself, you don’t get out of your comfort zone. You’re gonna be stuck all day you’re not going to be doing you’re not going to be I guess, going towards your sole purpose and that’s what we ultimately want to do as humans is go to our sole purpose. really live in abundance mindset.

Gino Barbaro 25:02
Unfortunately like I said back then I was living in scarcity mindset couldn’t see the picture. But get out there everybody get clarity on what you want and focus on it.

Gabriel Petersen 25:11
Absolutely Gino I am glad you came on I’ve loved everything you said I want to have you on again for this podcast episode we’re going to have to cut it short sure not cut a short cut it off because we’re at the 20 minute mark and I’ve been trying to be diligent about getting around 20 minutes so before we leave Why don’t you tell everybody you know we all need to receive things so if someone were to bring you something What would you want to receive?

Gino Barbaro 25:37
Well, I don’t know what what what would I want to Reese? What what I want to receive

Gabriel Petersen 25:43

Gino Barbaro 25:45
Yeah, I mean, if they just come to the website, Jake and Gino calm, we’re looking for education students. I mean, if you want to bring great we haven’t invested. We’re actually starting a fund in q3. So I think in quarter three, we’re gonna start raising capital for a fund. But just for me, I just want to spread The word about Financial Intelligence that’s what I want to do people Financial Intelligence can change the world for the better. I mean ultimately I think that’s what we’re all trying to do Jake and Gino and like I said the last thing I’ll leave everybody with just remember done is better than perfect. Just let’s leave it off with that right right. I love it.

Gabriel Petersen 26:16
I love it and also on that note, Jake, can you I think he mentioned it already Jake or Gino has a podcast called Jake and Gino. You can get that on you know anywhere you can find a podcast if you liked everything that Gino said today on this podcast I’m sure you love everything on his podcast so hop over there give them a listen give them some love. And on that note you know if somebody did want to get in contact with you what would be the best way to get in contact with you

Gino Barbaro 26:41
just reach out to me. You can email me at Gino at Jake and Gino calm or just go on to Jake and Gino calm and just check out our website bunches of blogs pod code podcast. You can download our credibility book. There’s so much information on there. So that’s a great place to start educating yourself on multifamily.

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