The Real Estate Investing Club

The Real Estate Investing Club is a podcast and YouTube show where real estate investing professionals share their best advice, greatest stories, and favorite tips in real estate. Join us as we delve into every aspect of real estate investing – from self-storage, to mobile home parks, to single family rentals, to real estate syndication! If you’re a real estate investor and are looking for tips and motivation to grow your business, this is the show for you. This is an interview-based real estate show where I’ll be hearing from investing pros from every asset class, niche and geographic area in the US. Join me to learn about these REI pro’s career peaks and valleys and the lessons they learned along the way! Topics we’ll cover: – Using the BRRR strategy to buy income properties – Flipping houses the right way, building quality housing and taking home a large payday – Using hard money and bridge loans for real estate investments – How to bounce back from bankruptcy and build a thriving empire in the wake of failure – How to use property management companies to help scale your real estate business – The best online and offline tools out there to take your real estate investing business to the next level – How to do out of state investing without risking your shirt in the process – Going from broke to 300+ deals in a month (really!) – Investing in commercial real estate – Stories about brand-new investors and the lesson’s they’re learning as they take on their very first flips and rentals – How to use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to crush it in off market real estate marketing – How to fill your pipeline with off market deals using direct mail, voiceless mail drops, and text blasting

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